45 closed?

We went to 45 (down on Hoping b[/b] by Roosevelt) Friday night for a couple of drinks but it half of it was shut off. Does anyone know if it’s going to be renovated or is it just closing for good?


some of the buidings on that row are being closed due to a debt dispute involving the taiwan power company. not sure if the 45/chinese medicine shop building is involved but the one with the “other” half of 45 is.

There is more information on the 45 saga here:


Pity it didn’t happen to Spin.

hey, don’t diss on spin. i mean, at what other dance club could you expect to hear the smiths and stone roses? :stuck_out_tongue:

i also find it fascinating to watch everyone in the club dance while facing the same direction.

i’ve done the “drink at 45, free ticket to spin” thing a few times, so it’s not like i actually paid to go in or anything…

That’s exactly what they were playing in Summer 92 when I first went there. I couldn’t believe it - thought the music was great. I thought it was a great place then. But then Top was a great place too, I thought, and a lot of foreigners I knew hated it.

The owners of 45 and Spin have a new place, ‘Bien’, near the intersection of JinShan S. Rd and HsinYi b[/b] Rd. Its ‘official’ grand opening will be on the 29th October (unofficially, the doors have been opened for a couple of weeks now.) It’s a spacious place, with 4 floors and 3 bars, some good food too. The address is No.23, Section 2, JinShan S. Rd. Tel.23957720. You can find some drink coupons for ‘Bien’ in the China Post.

Top! that was a while back, probably saw you there hexuan. great place it was, ha i met my wife cause she was working in night owls if you remember that joint.