4k projector for $26,000


Do you think this is a legit 4k projector? I can’t find this model being sold anywhere except Asia. This makes me wonder if the deal is too good to be true. What do you think?

Search online and you’ll find it for less. Sometimes model specs are a little different or the model number is for Asia only.


Nope. As the specs say, 1920*1080 resolution. Not 4K.

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To complicate things I looked at Optima’s Taiwan webpage: https://www.optoma.com/tw/product/ht27lv-4k/
They seem to confirm it’s ability to display 4k.

4K, HDR10, 120 FPS, thats actually really nice indeed. I have an optoma, can confirm they are excelent projectors, and nearly dead silent unlike the last one i had from viewsonic.

Uhm, Sure it will display 4K. But not using 4K pixels.

真實解析度 1080p (1920 x 1080)

It will downscale internally. The “true resolution” is 1920x1080, that is the fixed resolution the hardware (DLP) uses to display the picture.

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Haha, right, it’s so stupid. The thing can handle a 4k signal. With no way to polarize the rays of individual pixels (not necessary for low res projectors) you’ll be looking at photon entanglement… so effectively a low resolution. If you need it, get a big ass led screen [or array of ~]

This technique from DLP creates a 4k image by splitting the pixels in some way. While not true 4k, it does have a 4k image.

Why do so many people pop up in this thread insisting that this particular projector model does things that not even the manufacturer claims it does?

Yes, there are DLPs with less than 4K that do some clever shifting stuff to enhance the perceived resolution to close to 4K.

This one doesn’t. This one is a simple 1080p projector that can downscale 4K. Nuff said.

PS: of course I hope I’m wrong. Please someone prove me wrong. I’d love me a 4K projector at that incredibly low price.

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