4th June, a day for all of us to remember

17 years have passed since the crackdown of the Tiananmen Square protests.
17 years of economic progress in China, 17 years of stagnant progress in people rights.

Tiananmen crackdown will soon be 18, and for all the people who still remember the crackdown, a chilling on the spine comes when we see the images.

Because the people who ordered the crackdown are the people still in government, one must not forgive or forget. History showed us that dictators have no problems in killing their people in order to survive.

Mr Boogie,

is there any truth to the news article that was in the Taiwan News a few days ago, from a reputable news and photo wire service in Taipei, that said that Mr Wang Weilin,the man who stood in front of the famous tank then, that he is now in Taiwan, came here in 1993, married local woman, they have 6 year old daughter now and he works for National Palace Museum as consultant in antiques from China, and laquerware,
which was his job in China before the massacre???

You can find the article at Taiwan News website.

The China News Agency has reported that:
"The “Unknown Rebel” who famously stood up to a column of tanks during
the pro-democracy demonstrations in Tiananmen Square in 1989 is
rumored to be living in Taiwan where he reportedly settled in
1993.The “tank man” Wang Weilin has been an adviser on ceramic
artifacts and antiques to at the National Palace Museum, a
Hong Kong-based professor said. However, this story may not be true
and has not been reported anywhere else. The
photograph of Wang standing alone in front of a column of tanks on
June 5, 1989 is perhaps the most famous image from the Tiananmen
protests. The professor is saying that Wang, born in Shaoyang in the
southern province of Hunan, China, was the captain of the Mawangduei
Archaeology Team of Changsha, Hunan in early June 1989 when he
traveled with a union group to Beijing to take part in the
pro-democracy demonstrations in the Chinese capital.
According to the unnamed professor, Wang went into hiding in China for
three years and seven months after the bloody crackdown. He then
reached Hong Kong in early 1993 from where he headed to Taiwan.


When I was in Beijing in 1991-92, I asked around about “Tank Man”. The rumour I heard was that he had gone to study in the USA.

I was at Beijing Normal University. There were still notices up announcing the expulsion of BNU students Uerkesh Daolet and Chai Ling due to their leading roles in the 1989 student movement. Uerkesh Daolet (“Wuerkaixi”) has lived in Taiwan for several years.

Years ago, I read that he was executed shortly after that roadblock.

The summary on Wikipedia shows the uncertainty surrounding Tank Man:

[quote=“Wikipedia”]Little is publicly known of the man’s identity. Shortly after the incident, British tabloid the Sunday Express named him as Wang Weilin, a 19-year-old student; however, the veracity of this claim is dubious.

There are several conflicting stories about what happened to him after the demonstration. In a speech to the President’s Club in 1999, Bruce Herschensohn — former deputy special assistant to President of the United States Richard Nixon — reported that he was executed 14 days later; other sources say he was killed by firing squad a few months after the Tiananmen Square protests. In Red China Blues: My Long March from Mao to Now, Jan Wong writes that the man is still alive and in hiding in mainland China.

An eyewitness account of the event published in October 2005 by Charlie Cole, a contract photographer for Newsweek magazine at the time, states that the man was arrested on the spot by the Public Security Bureau.

The People’s Republic of China government made few statements about the incident or the person involved. In a 1992 interview with Barbara Walters, then-Communist Party General Secretary Jiang Zemin was asked what became of the man. Jiang replied “I think never killed [sic].”

A recent article in the Hong Kong Apple Daily states that Wang is now residing in Taiwan.[/quote]

I think that if the people who dragged him away were secret police then in the climate of the time he would have been quickly disposed of. On the other hand if they were just concerned onlookers then the prognosis is a little brighter, but I would be very surprised if he is still alive.

Taffy, in any recent time, anyone who does something like that is quickly disposed of, so that should have been his fate. However, he still did give the world a “truth”…

Also, kudos for Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang (曾蔭權), that after seing a demonstration in Hong Kong that took around 40.000 people to Victoria Park, urged people to look at the crackdown practically. As Hong Kong has hugelly benefited since the handover, people should be more concerned about that than about politics or environment. So, even if the PLA would kill the 40.000 that were yesterday protesting, and next year HK would be even more rich and poluted, and less democratic, for sure it would be a big victory for Hong Kong.