5, 10, 20, 100 Megabit fiber

This looks pretty cool… anyone got it? Thoughts?


It may only be in Xindian at this writing, and only about half of Xindian.

I’ll let you know how it works out. NT$500 install, NT$1000 if you don’t
keep it for 2 years. (Seems more reasonable than cell phone contracts).

Should have less packet latency (good for gaming).
And the same upstream speed as down!

Well, I can see you all are real excited about this. Anyway, I got it, and its working like a champion. I can upload at 1MB/sec and download at that speed too. That’s megaBYTE, not megabit. Can download (or upload) a 700MB distribution CD in under 12 minutes. Its a simple box and it has one plug on it and you get a static IP (its not PPPoE). For $1399/mo. 2 year commitment, but only $1000 penalty if you quit early. $500 deposit for the box. This is for the 10megabit, they offer 5, 10, 20, 100, and you can request a quote for a nice round gigabit connection. Folks, this is not available in much of the civilized world (not sure Amerika is still in that category) for me its practically a reason to move to Taiwan. I guess you could get a T-1 in the USA for $300 a month, but that is only 1.5 megabits, and here you’d get 100 megabits for the same money. Outstanding. I think the only places that offer something like this are maybe Korea, Sweden, and Finland.


Not sure why I didn’t notice this post earlier :loco: but I’m definitely looking into this… I hope this service is available in my area… Thanks for looking out! How are the speeds outside of Taiwan for ya?

How are the speeds outside of Taiwan?

taipei area only or not?

this is basically a kick ass Tx or better, im not sure wether or not that company will be able to keep the speed up after many people register. i remember cable was super fast… when they just started…

According to their website, the service is currently available in the Xindian area only. I called them to find out for sure (in case the website was not updated)… and it was confirmed – Xindian only. :frowning:

[quote=“5566”]Taipei area only or not?

this is basically a kick ass Tx or better, im not sure wether or not that company will be able to keep the speed up after many people register. I remember cable was super fast… when they just started…[/quote]

Only Xindian, and not all of Xindian yet. I guess the company does not mention their expansion plans.

So far I can up and download at the full 10mbit all day long. I don’t know what the rest of the fiber optic network looks like. They did note that my next door neighbor had the service already. Even DSL can bog down, I mean anywhere upstream there can be a bottleneck. This is neither DSL nor cable so I suppose time will tell.

There could be a bottlneck where the comm cable goes under the ocean, but this would affect DSL, fiber, and cable alike. Almost all my traffic goes to USA and Europe. Now obviously, there are still over a dozen hops to most of those sites. What I’ve done is remove the latency you get with DSL, and fattened the pipe. Webs surfing is much snappier, but its hardly instantaneous. Basically I have a 12 lane freeway to the shoreline. What happens to the packets after that is beyond our control.

It’s time for a yard sale… I’m making a move to Xindian :raspberry:

Toe… love the blog dude! Keep up the great work! :smiley:

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I had to use Internet Connection Sharing because the 10mbit FTTH was too fast for my home NAT router.

That said, I think they may be throttling me after a few days of my abusing their service and filling the 10mbit upstream pipe 24x7. I’m thinking that cutting back to 5/5 for $899 a month might be the best compromise.

how big is your flat toe_tag? :wink:

Yup, it’s available in some apartments back home in Sweden, and fortunately enough in my dorm room here at Zhengda. But we have a limit of 5gig upload per day though :frowning: and overseas websites are slower than on my sisters 0.25meg connection…

It basically works like a champ. There are occasions where I don’t get the full pipe but most of the time I get most or all of it. I hope they spread this to the rest of Taipei. My flat is full now, but I’ll leave up an open WAP for those of you camped outside.

The only gotcha is you may find your Linksys or NAT router gets overwhelmed and can’t manage the speed or number of connections (many of these only have a 10-Mbit plug on the WAN side). You can try a pre-N or gaming router that might be more powerful. Or put your main machine straight onto the tiny fiber box with one port, then hang the rest of your net off the back of your main box on a second NIC using windoze Internet Connection Sharing.

I guess I can’t expect them to reserve 10 megabits on the undersea cable for moi, but its pretty clear that they’ve started throttling me lately, down to 10 or 20% of my 10 megabits. I may just scale back to their 5mbit service, which 5/5 I still think will be nicer than 12/1 or 8/.64 DSL, with lower latency and fat upstream.