5 Day SEZ Visa at LuHuo Border Crossing, Still Available?

Hi there,

We’re planning a hockey weekend in Shenzen soon and I am getting conflicting info as to whether the 5 day SEZ visas are still available at the LuoHu boarder between HK and Shenzen. Anyone with recent experience? Thx.

Well, to answer my own question, they are to nationals of certain countries.

If you’re American those were canceled in 2002 or so.

Yes, not available to Americans and, for some reason, UK citizens pay about four times the cost of others. For those from countries allowed, it is rmb160. That border crossing is a scene, especially on a holiday weekend like last Friday. Suggest just getting a mainland visa in advance, since it is much easier.

Did you really have to go via Luowu? The buses departing from Fenwick pier every 15 minutes take you over a new short cut (Hong Kong-Shenzhen Western Corridor) and to the Shenzhen Bay checkpoint, a relatively new border crossing. Much faster, and less people. Almost all passengers are HK permanent residence ( I should add Chinese here, because they get different treatment to non-Chinese permanent residence, in that they can pass in and out with just a card). means less people lined up for passport checks. The only problem is that the bus drops you off around half way between Shekou and Shenzhen. Mind you, taxis are cheap.

UK visas were cranked up in price when the UK did the same to their visas. It’s a reciprocal arrangement. US passport holders can;t get in this way, they need to apply 24 hours in advance. Haven;t needed a visa from there in ages, as work gets me a 12 months China visa.


Didn’t have much of a choice: The trip came up with relatively short notice and caught me with just under six months left on my passport. With the time to issue a new passport, I didn’t have time to apply for a proper mainland visa. Could have done so through the China Travel Service at HKIA, but would have had to sit there for six hours processing time.

I don’t recommend this to anyone who can avoid it, but it is an option if you are stuck like I was. I was on the move the whole time, so it didn’t seem that bad.

Returning to HKIA in a hired car on Monday was definitely much easier, but going through Lo Wu certainly was an adventure. Shenzhen is awesome, btw. Reminded me a little of Taipei back in the 90’s.

I’ve heard that the checkpoint between Shenzhen special zone and the rest of the ‘Mainland’, to control the inflow of ‘illegal’ workers/citizens is now gone … Therefor I think that that the 5 day passes or no longer issued … it’s just what I’ve been told from Taiwanese friends that live and work in the area …

Got one last Friday, mate. Available to citizens of specified countries. Was apparently discontinued around the time of the Olympics, but back on in early 2009, from what I can gather.

Actually, a heads up here. I once made the mistake of having a Shenzhen Special Economic Zone visa and traveling from She Kou to Zhuhai by boat then trying to exit to Macau. Zhuhai being in the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone. Copped a Rmb1,000 fine. The special economic zone visas are rather specific.


Yes, they are specifically for the Shenzhen Economic Zone only and holders are required to remain therein only for the duration of their stay. Good point, HG.