5 Months and still searching for another lesbian

5 months! 5 months to the date. I have lived in Taiwan for, you guessed it, 5 months and have only met ONE other lesbian (who quite frankly scared me…). I live in Kaohsiung. Anyone have any suggestions on how I can resolve this problem?

Serious replies only please…let’s all resemble adults please.

yo biodiver, wondering what had happened to you. Still enjoying your life there? please tell us more here or PM me in Montreal. love to hear from you. i thought by now you would have found your lover in Koahsiung and been happy camper. why did the lesbian you found scare you so much. what did she do. keep looking. love is just around the corner. for all of us.

Maybe you should consider moving to Taipei. I know a girl who travels four hours on a bus every weekend because she has the same problem. So if it’s either traveling 8 hours a week or surviving in complete isolation maybe a move would not be such a bad idea.

Despite facing the prospect of no love life or relationship while living in this city…I really like it here. I have a lot of debt to pay off and can’t really afford to live in Taipei. Plus, I really like how close I am to Kending and Maolin. I am finding it VERY hard to believe that there are no other lesbians in the “second largest city in Taiwan”. I am planning a trip to Thailand soon…I hope the rest of Asia isn’t like this. Maybe I should write a book…the quest for lesbians in Asian countries. Now all I need is someone to pay me to write it…but quite frankly, this is ridiculous!

Did you see this article in the Taipei Times a couple of weeks ago?

Lesbians in Taiwan: A bed of roses

Sorry you haven’t found it to be a bed of roses. Maybe it is just the process of adapting to a new country/culture that is the problem. Once you learn some more of the language and get to know more people/places then maybe you will find what you’re looking for.

That was an interesting article. And I agree, I find Taiwan to be very accepting of homosexuality here…I feel totally comfortable talking freely about it no matter where I am. However, I know that may be in part because probably only 30% of the people around me know what I’m talking about.

I don’t question that Taiwan is a good place for a young lesbian to live. The vibe I’ve gotten so far from my Taiwanese friends is that it’s no big deal (although they’re shocked to find out I’m gay since I DO look like a girl…ahhh, stereotypes). BUT, asking even my male gay friends…no one can seem to point me in the right direction towards a lesbian community in Kaohsiung. THAT is what I’m currently seeking. Thanks for taking the time to put a link to that article though Wix…it’s really appreciated.

Find out where the gay hangouts/pubs/clubs are. They have a lesbian pub (as well as another pub for gay men) in Tainan, so I’m sure they have one in Kaohsiung as well, seeing as it’s a bigger city with a much more active & wilder nightlife. Get out a little. You don’t even have to go to pubs specifically targetted to gays, either - you can find lesbians on every dancefloor on the weekends in most of the dance clubs I’ve been to here.

The thing is, Taiwanese women are not like Western women. They are under pressure to remain reserved and non-flirtatious in public. They are very non-emotive compared to Westerners, so ‘reading’ their stone faces for cracks of emotion and interest takes a little learning. Westerners throw all of their emotions out everywhere, very expressively - if a girl likes you back in the West, she’ll immediately let you know, and loudly. Taiwanese women might be very keen on you but they have to hold back out of ‘face’. In America, if a girl looks at you, or casually touches you, that means nothing; but in conservative Taiwan, those are subtle clues that she’s keen on you. I remember when I first came here I was scratching my head at why the women seemed so cold, not paying any attention to me, compared to back home where girls freely flirted in public with no social stigma - until I learned how to read the ‘code’. It’s just a frustrating part of Taiwanese life that you’ll have to learn, this always having to ‘decode’ people’s real intentions and feelings behind the blank expressions and fake smiles.

BTW, it’s only between a half hour to an hour’s drive away (depends on if you take the freeway), so here tis. The lesbian pub in Tainan is on Jiankang Road, right before the big intersection with Datong/Kaishan Road. I forget the name of it, but it’s right next door to a Christian church and a GE appliance store. It may be hard to see because it’s not very lit up, so it’s kind of dark on the outside.

I did a google search for lesbian and kaohsiung and found the following link:

Good luck!


Thanks so much for the effort. If only it was that easy. I know about that site, and a few others. Unfortunately the problem is that they are outdated and mainly cater towards men.

Again, thanks for taking the time…means a lot.

Lesbians, I’ve never seen so many in my life 'till I came here. There are loads and loads of lesbians in Taipei. Perhaps they move from the sticks to the big city (Kaoshiung is still basically the sticks). I see them everywhere in Taipei, on the subways, walking hand in hand. Usually one close cropped small boy type with a more typical girly long haired type. However they do tend to be young or teenagers. Sometimes they are runaways. I’ve seen them all over each other on the MRT, much more open than many countries.

Lesbians are relatively accepted here but of course the families wouldn’t be so happy with it…

Here you can find that special someone to whip you, pee on you or just give you that discipline you so demand.
This may also help you.
Both have listings for your area.
Happy shagging! :stuck_out_tongue:

My suggestion would be to go hang out at some of the gay bars and befriend some of the gay guys (Taiwanese or expat). I’m sure they know lots of lesbian hangouts and probably have some lesbian friends to whom they can introduce you. My suggestion is focus on building your NETWORK of lesbian-friendly people in your area and being as social as possible with them, I think those people will know a zillion people in whom you might be interested.

By the way, I know absolutely nothing about the gay/lesbian scene, this is just general advice on networking that works in the cities I’ve lived in.

Wasn’t there a thread here about a lesbian bar in Taipei called “Esha” (or something like that)? If not, check over on Tea**it (aiyeee!) at tealit.com/ (aiyeee!). I realize that this place would be all the way across the island from you, but you might be able to meet some people there who can tell you more about Kaohsiung.

You might wander over to Tea**it (aiyeee!) for a bit anyway, just to see if anyone who reads/posts there knows of some places in Kaohsiung. Also the other Taiwanese expat forums.

Apologies if I’m stating the obvious. :blush: