5 months old puppy in need of a loving home or foster home

Hi guys,

The 5 months old puppy (Xiao He) facebook.com/album.php?aid=1 … b1e10686f1

we rescued recently is urgently in need of a life term home or a foster home. This little guy is found by the bridge down by Lotus Hill same as all the other puppies we’ve rescued and found home for. He is the only one remain in need to find a home. Though he had been very weak and sick when we found him, but he was strong enough to fought through and became a healthy and handsome young male today. He is now being fosterd by a kind lady in Taipei but she can only keep him for one more week due to her neighbors’ disapprovement of any living animal in their building. We need to find him a place to stay for life or just as long as possible anyone can offer until we find him a home.

If you are willing to give a helping hand to let this puppy be your company we will be pleased to provide all the costs. And you can feel totally secure that we will take him back anytime that you have to give up fostering for whatever reasons. At the mean time we will keep trying our best to find him a home. Eventually, the last thing we will do if we still can’t find him a place to stay or to be adopted, we will have to go with the worse option, which is to get him spayed and release him back to where we found him. This is not great because there are certain people setting up traps and poison to hurt the strays here, also he will be an outsider instead of one of the strays remain and might not be welcome by the others…

Please feel free to forward this message to anyone, for him to have a better chance of finding a home that will change his life. Thank you.

Please contact me if you can help or would like to have further information.


0916 175 949