5 Year ARC for Business

Does anyone know about the 5 year ARC for people doing business in Taiwan? I tried to find info on the Taipei Economic and Cultural office website from Vancouver, but no luck. I’m just wondering, what kind of paperwork is involved (lots probably) and where can you apply for this particular item?

FYI, my business will be selling advertising on a US-based computer hardware website to local hardware companies. I will technically be an independant contractor.

I have a similar question. I am wanting to set up a cafe in Taipei. I am a New Zealander. I would be very appreciative if you let me know any information you find about the issue. Thanks. Jared.


I read abou this on eslisland.com recently and called the visa agent in San Francisco for more info (I’m from Canada). I recommend you read the info from the visa section of that site, but from what the agency told me, unless you use an agency the chances are you won’t get the visa unless you are a well established company with legal advisors to help speed it along. Basically you need a letter from your business saying that you will need to travel around the region every few months for investment opportunities, etc. and pay the $75 bucks or so to the agency who sends a guy to stand in line with all the appropriate paperwork for you and then a they give you the new visa. You have to give them your passport, have a clean criminal record, etc… Good luck!