51 things Americans are doing wrong

This is so cute. How about Americans killing each other with guns and drugging themselves to death. That’s wrong. I could probably name 51 x 10.

I had to pay, or figure out how to disable my ad-blocker, to read this. I’m too cheap and too lazy to do either, which are probably two items on this list :yum:

C’mon, where’s that good old Yankee ingenuity?

I thought it was going to be some anti-American rant, but it’s actually a pretty reasonable list.


Groups intersection again:

I’m loving Paint today.


Not sure what it means, but it looks kind of like a paw print if you blur your eyes.

That’s my fault. I shouldn’t have removed the circles lines. But I’m sure that if you think hard enough you will get it. Don’t think way too hard or you might fart though.

You had me at “That’s my fault.”

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You haven’t farted much for saying that.

I try not to. All that methane contributes to global warming.


Agree with most of the list except the Ice, Free Refills and people calling The United States of America, America for short. Ive heard this argument so many times of why Americans shouldn’t refer themselves as Americans cause the Americas include both North, Central and South America and its dumb.

United States of America- United Statesian? United States of Americanian?
Mexico- Mexican
Columbia- Columbian
Canada- Canadian
Panama- Panamanian
El Salvador- El Salvadorian
Guatemala- Guatemalan
Argentina- Argentinian

Obviously if another country above had American in their title such as Brazilian States of America sure it would make sense to say American too.

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Maybe it’s not the argument what is dumb.

True… Maybe its the people arguing against it that can’t spell, nor read the rest of what I wrote.

That is why we call it «the country without a name».

Nor official anthem, or central bank…if they do have a song and an institution performing those tasks, but unofficially.

And it is Estados Unidos Mexicanos…south of the border.

Or maybe it’s you, doing silly things like assuming that I can’t read what you wrote…?

Maybe in official documents, just like United States of America is the official name but I’ve sure as hell never heard any Mexican say Estados Unidos Mexicanos when referring to Mexican…and I know a lot of Mexicans, some El Salvadorians, Panamanians, Guatemalan, a Honduran and some of my cousins grew up in Brazil

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Well you obviously can’t write, and read. Nor can you make any good points to counter what I said.

That’s not very well written :wink:

“Maybe it’s not the argument what is dumb.” And you still have no point to counter what I said again about how the people of the countries in the Americas refer to themselves.

Official name dear. Right on the shield with the eagle.

Just as Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela.