51 things Americans are doing wrong

I know, Im not talking about Official names. The Official Name of The United States of America is The United States of America. Thats how its written. Im talking about in everyday casual speech where people say “American”. They say it for short, or say “US” and ignorant people make a big deal out of it. What are we supposed to say? United Statesian ? United States of Americanian?

Just say seppo…

In Spanish it works well. There have been other options proposed in English. The term American rules way too many feathers because of the Destiny Manifest connotations. And again, context, tone.

Relax Mick, dundee

I’m not a mick, I’m a sheepshagger.

You from NZ?

Kiwiland, yes.

Given that my proposal of Yankeeland didn’t have a great reception I guess I have to offer some alternatives. How about The United States of Dumb? Or… The United States of Trump? Or The United States of Shutupandgohome?

And if you ask them their nationality, they say…?

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Which rhythms with Hoegaarden. Well, kinda.

Pretty sure there are plenty of folks around who wouldn’t find these two terms mutually exclusive…

I thought it was agreed to call it Usa, pronounced like “ou-sa”

The Manifest Destiny referred only to the settlement westward to the Pacific coast. The other interference in Cuba, Central and South America you can blame on the CIA which gives as much crap about American citizens as they do for people of any other country.


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It goes back a fair bit farther than that! Not so easy to just slough the blame off on the red-headed cousin anyway.

We’ve been using “American” going back all the way to George Washington and before. Kind of a bit late to change it now. You other guys can use what name you like :slight_smile:

Shithole works for me. :wink:

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I know, I believe Icon was talking about Manifest Destiny in reference to US expansion and influence in the Americas. Yes I think it really started in a big way with Teddy Roosevelt, but the CIA is what really messed everything up. If we go back that far, were comparing that influence to British and French, Spanish colonial powers which one could argue created more damage during that period.

Teddy did his bit. But between then and the birth of the CIA there was a long history of intervention to prop up our economic interests

Yep I agree, the US wanted to be a player in the international game which was run by the aging colonial powers.

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