5G speeds in Taiwan

What download speeds are y’all getting on your 5G phones? How consistent is the speeds? Please mention phone model, ISP and your experience with it. Thanks!

3g was plenty. 4g is beyond great. If 5g means dealing with china or causing health concerns in communities, no f’ing thank you.

If its about a power struggle internationlly, lets hope the pubbas that be find a way to do it without causing pain to the mediocre.

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It’s about latency, which enables better smart cities, IoT and autonomous driving.

I’m a software engineer and 4G speeds are not sufficient for most of my work (I don’t need 5G speeds but at least 100M)

Home broadband?

Don’t have a “home” yet, and would be great to be able to work elsewhere as well if I travel (using hotspot)

@DunderMifflin, all the major telecom companies in Taiwan have free trial periods, ranging from 7 to 30 days. Not sure if your residency status allows you to take advantage of it. You might want to look into that.

According to this article , FET is the most consistent and fastest provider for 5G. The test was conducted at some of the most popular night markets in the 6 largest cities, and the phone was a Sony Xperia 1 II.

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If he needs reliable coverage throughout the island I can only recommend chunghwa (not 5g specific, generally ).

Yesterday on the MRT I got 150 Mb download speed on 5G and 19 ms ping.

Who’s your ISP and which phone do you have?

That’s a really intimate question.
CHT and a Sony Xperia 1 II

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Not for Taiwan man… I get asked my salary everytime I talk to any one over 60 for more than 2 mins


How much do you make? :rofl:

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That’s a terrible ping for 5G.

On a moving train? In a Tunnel?


The goal is to completely eliminate traffic lights. If cars are crisscrossing an intersection at 100kmh, it’s probably too high.

At my work I don’t have 5G, it’s only a short walk to the MRT station, so I can’t try it here.

Yesterday I tried again inside the MRT station, got 460Mb download and 12 ms PING.