6.1 quake damages Napa, Calif

Woken up by quite a large quake this morning. Seems to be near a minute long. 3:20am quake that they say is a 6.1.

Went back to sleep. Cat also went back to sleep.

Woke up again at 830 and turned on the TV. Apparently a lot of damage in Napa. Buildings on fire due to the quake. Many buildings damaged. Over 90 people injured, 3 seriously. Lucky no deaths.

TV is asking people to avoid Napa unless they need to go there. BEcause some roads are damaged, etc.

30,000 homes without power.

Yeah I woke up to the fam talking about this this morning. My family used to have a house in that area. A lot of old early-wine-making day brick buildings without any modern earthquake reinforcement. Biggest quake since the 1989 one (I remember that one :wink: ). And I think there was another in Southern Cal last night.

There are two in critical condition, and a fair amount of damage.

SoCal one was small. The Napa one was a 6.1

Sister who lives there said lucky her house is fine, except for a crack on the porch. She had things crashing down in her home and is busy cleaning up. Broke some mementos , etc. but otherwise ok.

Whopper cat had no premonition bout the quake. We both were woken up by the rather large shaking . Im bout 50 miles south of Napa.

We went back to sleep and the cat jumped on the bed lying next to me. Scared.

After awhile he jumped back on the dresser and fell asleep again.

The tV is on all about Napa so i guess no damage elsewhere.

Just glad to know you’re OK, pal.

Thanks. For awhile I thought I was back in TAipei !

211 injured , 3 critical (now one 31 year old woman has died) in Napa.

Interestingly, the quake didn’t happen along the usual San Andreas or Hayward faults, but the Franklin Fault, which has apparently been dormant for 1.6 million years…

It is troubling all these faults we know nothing about and cant even predict when its going to let go after yay million years.

Yeah. I grew up in the Bay Area, and I’d never even heard of the Franklin Fault. At least much less loss of life than Loma Prieta, 9/21…maybe it’s time to consider moving to a non-Ring of Fire country…

It is troubling all these faults we know nothing about and cant even predict when its going to let go after yay million years.[/quote]

How are the aftershocks? Bad? Or hai coila?

Havent felt one single aftershock. NOthing like 921 when we had several major quakes in their own rights as aftershocks.

it wasnt bad , compared to the ones we have every five years or so in taipei.

It was a bit scary for maybe ,it felt like a minute, but was apparently shorter.