6.4 Earthquake Ferndale California


So a more legitimate excuse for cutting power.

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Scary shit

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Did you feel it?


No and our local news gave it little airtime
Seems no widespread damage luckily

That area though is capable of a mega quake over 9 which could cause a historic tidal wave as seen before and talked about in ancient history

A strike slip like in Indonesia in 2004 dec 26

We are less than a mile from the ocean and the waves could even reach my doorstep

Hope it doesn’t happen for thousands of years
And I’m just your average fear monger

Edit : apparently this fault lies at the boundary of the Cascadia fault which is the dangerous one I was thinking of but may or may not directly affect that fault

Two have now been reported to have died in this quake and at least 11 injured


This is where I lived before moving to Taiwan. My daughters still live there, 10km away in Fortuna. Thankfully they’re OK; just had some items fall in their homes.

I must be lucky. I moved to that area in 1993, a year after they had a 7.2 earthquake. I had moved from southern California, where they had the 6.7 Northdridge earthquake in 1994. Missed both major quakes!

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