6 Feet Under episode 302- anybody have a good copy?

I have the entire 1st, 2nd and 3rd season except for this one stinkin episode. Everytime I download it, it comes out pausing and me missing things. I will happily trade any other episode(s) to anybody who can give me this on a VCD, DVD, or a data CD format(depending on the file type).

“feeling the need for 6 Feet Under” Okami

Sopranos? You got those? Season 4? Say yes!

How do you download these programs? I couldn’t when I tried Kazaa-lite before. I clicked and nothing happened.


I’ve downloaded almost the entire 3 seasons of Six Feet Under except for 302 and 312 from Kazaa-lite. I think I got a source for a good 312, but 302 still eludes me. I can get most of what I need from Kazaa-lite, from music, movies, hard-to-find documents, software, TV shows, and kids stuff for my kindy classes such as short Sesame Street videos and children’s songs. Just do a search and keep searching, if you want the complete 1st and 2nd season send me a PM and I can drop it off at the next Forumosa happy hour for the price of a beer.