6 month contract -- pros/cons

Hello good people of Forumosa–

My partner and I are looking at a teaching position on Penghu. At this point we don’t want to commit to a year, as it’s fairly isolated from other things we have planned for our time in Taiwan, and the school is amenable to a 6 month stint.

My question is about the writing/ wording of a contract. What are the pros of having a 6 month term on the contract? What are the cons? I am wondering especially about e.g. ARC, NHI, driver’s licenses… What have I not thought of? Your experience and input are appreciated!

PS. If you all are interested, we can revive the ‘living on Penghu’ thread and give periodic updates. :slight_smile:

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to get ARC, you need a resident visa. Who can get the visa are

Foreign nationals, who hold ordinary passports or other travel documents, intend to stay in the R.O.C. (Taiwan) for more than six (6) months for the purpose of joining family, pursuing studies, accepting employment, making investment, doing missionary work, or engaging in other permissible activities.

You may want to ask to NIA if you can get an ARC with 6 month contract.

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Thank you for your helpful reply! School has been flexible on rewording to a year contract with a 6-mo exit clause.

I’m looking forward to reports from the island :desert_island: :desert_island::desert_island:


I once finished a contract. My nhi card was still usable a few months later.

I believe it remains valid until your birthday. Not 100% sure of the rules.

Oh, and something else to think about. Many landlords want a year contract.

@yilan_musk please do revive the thread! I’m thinking of relocating to Penghu for at least 4-5 months out of each year and would love to have more info on the small island life!

@suannai, the search button is your silent friend

@CTaitung I’m fully aware of the search function. That was the first thread I checked and it’s no longer active as the OP of that is post decided to postpone his move there. It was never really revived and only a small fraction of the questions were answered. I’ve contacted the OP though.