6 month without registering my changed address

I am married for years with a JFRV, no problems.
When I came back from my summer break last autumn my wife had moved.
I was too lazy to go and register my new address and thought that it’s not really that
Now my question is, is it really not that important?
My ARC shows my old address I left 6 month ago.
What would happen if this fact comes to the attention of the authorities?
I tried to register my new address last week, but cannot produce the nowadays
required papers, cause we are sub sub renting and no one wants to sign

Could my failure to register have any legal consequences, fines… ?

a friend of mine didn’t change her arc address and when she came to get a new arc she was told to pay up a hefty sum, 10k i think.

oh my …

an additional question.
if I manage to register my new address now,
how far back can this change be dated without having to pay?

We might have a chance to get a contract which starts January 01,
will this date cause trouble (6~7 weeks ago) - anyone any experience?

I recently changed my ARC address with no problem at all.
Just filled out the papers at the police station, and that was it.
I waited over a year to do it.

that was last year, so I guess it went without showing any contract, right Josefus?
or did you have to show the contract including the date (a year ago) and they didn’t care?

now we have to go to the NIA and they insist on seeing the contract.

anyway I realize that the whole thing will probably work out according to which person I will meet at the desk in the agency. I’m in Taichung city btw.

All I needed was my passport, ARC, and a phone bill. (with my address on it)
Easy peasy.

If you are married to a citizen then the ONLY thing you need to show proof of address is your spouse’s current household registration printout from the household registration office. The NIA is still kinda new at this, so you might need to remind them that not all foreigners need the same documents.

Yeah…what jlick said.

I moved last year without changing the address on my ARC because it was full and up for renewal in a few months.
Got the new one without any problem (shows the new address). Nothing to worry about me thinks.

thing is you dont tell them…they dont know…when was the last time the FAP turned up at your digs to check you’re there?

Just dont tell them when you moved, tell them it was within the last few weeks and you should be alright. I was honest once and told them I had moved over a year before and they threatened to fine me (but didn’t). I recall the fine was $5000 or more but cant remember exactly.