60 day visitor visa extension

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such a simple question: can you pelase help and tell me how / where to apply for an extension of a 60 day renewable visa? Do they require any particular things / reasons / supporting docs etc.?

The background is as follows: I work here leaglly with an ARC. My fiancee came here almost 2 months ago and wants to stay with me a further 2 months before we both go back to Europe. What does she need to do to get the visa extension or does she have to leave the country and come back again?

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I renewed my visitor visa at the local police department. The police department I went to had a section for foreigners. If I remember correctly, they just had me fill out a form. I was born in Taiwan - so I had to bring my household registration. The forms asks the basic questions - name, age, address, phone numbers etc. They need the passport to put the stamp in. They only let you renew it twice before you have to leave.

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If you have household registration, you are a Taiwan national, and also have an ID card. In such case, you would have no need for a visitor visa.

I want to know about the schools to take chinease lessons to get our visas extended without having to leave the country… does anybody know something about this?

thanks !

Check the newspapers. CLD and TLI are real. CLI is fake.