6000 ? (under our Avatar)

Curious - we all got a 6000 mark under our ID since today ? me guess.
What is cooking ?

A new field which allows 6000 binaries ?
Our value on the Flob ?
Some www re-writing going on ?

Hmmm I’m not seeing that. Where exactly?

Exactly between the X recognized and the “PM” button (on IE)
small font

Interesting I can see it on IE and Chrome, but not Firefox.

EDIT: but only when not logged in.

Wonderful Web Wonders.
Food to chew on for the Tech Guys (TG - still - depite your post few days ago hehe)

I see it logged in on Chrome.

Interesting stat. I think it is a count of the number of times i have had sexual relations with someone. More interesting, and actually true for what that’s worth, the value has not shifted much after marriage.


I keep looking at the 6000. I look at everyone’s 6000 to see if anyone is getting a 5999, or a 6001, or if it changes in any way. Maybe we will ALL move on to 7000 together. But no, it doesn’t change.


That’s all there is in the source.

WHAT IS IT ?[/quote]

I’d say twenty time worse than “300” :frowning:

I see it too, with Firefox. Weird.

6000 is the Group ID number for something called the Forumosans Group. I used it as part of some testing I needed to do with the template because it wasn’t working the way I expected.

Below is the long answer.

There are some things that are visible to certain groups of people and there are some things that should not be seen. We are testing a group called the Newly Registered Forumosans Group (NRF). Nerfs do not enjoy all the features of Forumosans - they cannot use signatures, the PMing is limited, and they are not supposed to be able to add links to their posts. And one of the features that Nerfs are not supposed to have is links to their websites. Well, this is the goal - we have not reached it yet.

Our website has long waged a battle with forum spammers. And they are winning. Today, we employ different tactics to ward off spammers. CAPTCHA images and manual questions helped thwart robots, but unlike in the movie Terminator, in our battle, the robots came first, followed by the humans. Now, linkbuilders (real-live people who are paid to post 500 or 1000 links around the Internet for a client in the hopes of boosting that client’s search engine rankings) manually register on our forums to add irrelevant links in posts and in their profiles. We now discriminate between the top 10 countries where Forumosan sit vs all the rest – if you are not in a Top 10 country and you attempt to register on Forumosa, you will be forced to register manually, while people sitting in places like Taiwan and the US enjoy automatic registration. In the past, all registration was manual, but because I was so busy off-line, too many legitimate registrations sat for WEEKS(!) waiting for me to work the backlog.

Unfortunately, spammers get in (there are spammers right here in Taiwan). This led to our discussion and testing of the Nerf Group.

But some Nerfs do not post. They just want to add a link to their Member Profiles. And for those few who do post inanely in the forum, that little box next to each post is a valuable link for them. So, I was trying to write a little decision snippet that skipped presenting a web link if the author was a Nerf.

But it wasn’t working. I could still see the links of posts by Nerfs. So, to help me understand the problem, I tried various groups to see if I could exclude certain code based on membership: Nerfs, Forumosans, Sponsors, Moderators. I left behind the 6,000 inadvertently. I think I was trying to get this done early one morning, and then I realize the time and rushed out to go to work. Later that day, discussing the problem with engerim, I realized the inconsistency was too big a task to tackle.

We are planning a fresh install of the software. I decided to modify the new forum instead of continuing to tweak this one.

Bloody spammers. Can’t we just let them register, find out where they live, and then drive through their front-room windows in a pickup truck and blow them away with a minigun?

Just thinking out loud here. Possibly I shouldn’t have watched Terminator again.

I don’t know if your post on this has just made me pay more attention (or maybe it’s the light grey font for new users - that’s new, right?), or if more spammers are slipping through the cracks this week because you’re busy getting the new forum set up, but wow there seem to be a lot of these posters right now. I’m not complaining - I know you and the mods have a lot on your plate - I’m just kind of … amazed? … by the different kinds of jobs that exist out there.

Kudos for all the work you do trying to keep the site running smoothly.

Thanks Gus for the explanation. Good to hear the team tackles the Spam intentions with creative solutions.
Didn’t know even Captcha was used instead of the very rocket science question “which language is spoken in Taiwan” to register :slight_smile:

I’m against the death penalty, but I think that spammers should be tossed into a tank of hungry sharks.