62 Nations with English as the Official or Common Language

According to the letter No. 11000042880 of the Foreign Public Regulations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China on February 20, 110, a passport from one of the following 62 countries, you can use to get a work permit to teach English .


Hi Tando, where is the source for this?

Here’s one link, I don’t see the original official document anywhere.


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“Official Language” includes de facto.

They got US wrong. US does not have an official language.


There are a lot more countries listed than the seven from when I got here (I still don’t know if that limit of seven countries was an official thing or not)

I’m surprised that English is also listed as an official language for the U.S. As far as I know, the U.S. doesn’t technically have an official language (like Australia apparently).

Edit: Just saw Marco’s post.

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We’re looking for 外公眾規字第11000042880號函, but I don’t know where they hide the 函 on the MOFA site.

I got that far as well. But, it’s posted on an NTNU website so it seems trustworthy. It’s just a collation of publicly available information, anyway.

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It may be a reply from MOFA to an inquiry from the TFTEP, so may not be publicly listed anywhere.

My guess is the reply may not be the list of countries, but told passports from countries with English as the official or common language are accepted and it can be checked on the MOFA site, and TFETP made the list from the MOFA site.