65 foreign professionals naturalized as Taiwan citizens in two years


Just being born qualifies one. Ask that booming Taiwanese and Chinese pregnant woman export business.


There is no guarantee of citizenship, even if you have permanent residency. There is intentional bureaucratic red tape to slow down the process.

I’ve been living in the US since I was six, and was a permanent resident for about 10 years. The INS (now ICE) is an experience worse than the DMV. Fortunately, my sister worked for a powerful Congresswoman who moved my case forward.


I have relatives that got their US citizenship in about five years or so of residency and working. My mate got his Canadian citizenship also after about five years of residency and work.Both are married to American and Canadian citizens respectively. I’m married to a Taiwanese citizen and been resident and working here for almost 20 years…still haven’t been able to get and hold onto Taiwanese citizenship . And no I couldn’t abandon my original (even I wanted to) as I need to travel overseas for work regularly.


Citizenship is done by lottery in the US. And it’s gonna get harder with this orange mfkr in office.


Yeah there’s a lottery , for green cards, not citizenship.

I was actually a citizen of Taiwan ROC for a short while and have the passport to prove it (but without the ID which meant I had no privileges of citizenship ). But I didn’t finish the process as there were too many restrictions (they asked me to reside in Taiwan for one full year WITHOUT EXITING and they also asked me to show proof that I had given up original citizenship , so I gave up…). There’s a bit more to the story but that’s the essence of it.


I applied under the foreign professional category.
It was denied and I appealed, denied again.
I was holding back posting the whole story but I’ll post it today, considering suing now.

Found out to sue you only pay $3000 to file, you can represent yourself if you wish , a translator is provided free and if you lose you don’t need to pay the other sides costs.


Right. Theoretically citizenship is automatic after five year residency but many people (myself included) wait much longer.


If you are married to a US citizen you get the citizenship after a couple of years if the marriage is not a scam, if you are born in the US you get the citizenship no questions asked (that’s even a business to go prego just for that), in France you can apply the citizenship (which is given about 1year after application) if you have lived there for 2 years and have a diploma from one of their universities, other countries don’t even require you have family (marriage and kids) and you can apply for citizenship. Taiwan is such a joke. Not even a country -I know taiwan is a country, you know what I mean by that- and still playing hard to get.

If I didn’t have family here I would have left long ago by the way they discriminate foreigners in this. How can you not welcome people with family being your citizens? I have been working in Taiwan since the moment I could start working but that would not stop me from leaving, a family is much stronger ties to a country. I am not saying a professional shouldn’t be given citizenship, by all means give it to us as we contribute to the society, but they put foreign fathers, mothers, husbands and wives of Taiwanese citizen as the lowest of the low because you can’t apply for citizenship (unless you give up your own).

I won’t give up my nationality because if I do under my national policy I can’t apply again. I am who I am am and I have given precious years of my life to build everything in Taiwan. And still, work, family , and kids here, I don’t even get the chance to have citizenship status. If there are problems with work or family, then make a minimum of stay requeirement and other criteria, but putting us in this position is very frustrating.


There are plenty of people who don’t receive US residency even after marrying US citizens, as they expected.

I know a Chilean woman who was living with her boyfriend in NY who and already became a citizen. They got married, but she still had to go back to Chile.

Right now, immigration laws are favorable (no ban on Chinese immigrants like before). But Trump’s domestic policy adviser, Stephen Miller, is a neo nazi who wants to end chain migration and birthright citizenship.


And yet we are talking about the most influential country in the world. Taiwan is…?

The naturalized boyfriend still got the citizenship. They mostly deny divorcees because the first marriage was a scam or didn’t reach the minimum duration married or the requested duration after divorce to enter a new legal relationship. In any case, it is still easier than Taiwan for sure. At least you don’t have to deny your own country citizenship in order to apply for theirs.




Minus the neonazi part I agree, birthright citizenship was set up before air travel became so convenient. Now it’s a loophole an airliner can pass through. It needs to be stopped. It won’t be though, politicians want future voters.

You know your country is in trouble when whole birthing hospitals are set up for these frauds.

And to get in the parents need to commit fraud as well telling immigration they are there for sightseeing and hiding their pregnancy. And yet it continues.


The renouncing original citizenship is the only hard part when it comes to naturalization in Taiwan. Everything else is pretty much easy and relatively fast. I bet they will change that not far into the future as well.


The only? You might be right. But I don’t want to EXCHANGE citizenship especially when Taiwan is under such independency threats and so much discrimination against non Chinese people here (we are only good for being called beautifuI etc, we are always treated as foreigners regardless). I want to be able to have the rights in Taiwan since I already devoted decades of my life contributing to its future. A Taiwanese can have my country’s citizenship without having to give up his, why should I have to never be able to be my own countryman again?

If I give up my country’s citizenship just because I want Taiwan’s I can never apply again back home.

I see no sense whatsoever as to why we can’t have DOUBLE citizenship.


The easiest was probably Belgium, married to a Belgian National you could apply for naturalization after 3 years, all you had to do is prove that you were married and lived at the same address, anywhere on this globe. But, no more.


Incorrect. The further residency requirement is a pain in the arse while you have to wait for the local ID (1 to 5 years according to how much FURTHER time you reside in Taiwan every year, within 1 year you cannot exir at all), meanwhile they give you a temporary passport that is not accepted in many countries for travel. So you you might say yes getting the TARC is fairly straightforward (once you fulfill necessary conditions including evidence of taking Chinese classes) but getting the full passport and local ID is definitely not.

The problem is they force you to hold the overseas Chinese passport for 1 to 5 years while waiting for local ID and the regular Taiwan ROC passport . So you may have to spend a significant amount of time in a kind of limbo without full passport/citizenship .That overseas passport is of almost no use in Taiwan or outside of Taiwan. Why they have this rule even though you have already resided in Taiwan for 20 years…racism and elitism .

You don’t have to do any of this if you are a ‘special’ foreigner so they know these rules are a pain in the arse…


You used to be able to get Irish citizenship by being married to an Irish national and not even live in Ireland , same as Belgium.
Also if you were born in Ireland you got citizenship.

Sadly it was abused , now you have to reside and work in Ireland for five years and I think you can apply…Nobody in Ireland cares if you are a citizen of some other country too…Still miles easier than Taiwan. We don’t really need more immigrants in Ireland and have no real threat.

Taiwan ?
The immigration system is just a farce given the threat from China and the extremely low birth rate and the massive need for labour here (factories /looking after the aged). And as somebody who has gone through it (unsuccessfully ) there are huge gaps in how they treat new immigrants. At no point is there any real thought put into what they expect of these immigrants ? It’s just a load of fairly random bureaucratic hoops to jump though. It’s been VERY effective in stopping foreign males from immigrating though !!!

Read all about it here. I’m also proud of the accuracy of my guess as to how many foreign professionals actually naturalised. :sunglasses:


Taiwan seems to only be running a net immigration surplus of 10k a year now as the number of marriages to foreign nationals continues to drop.

Myself and my family don’t need to live in Taiwan, we pay our taxes, spend our earnings here but we don’t need to live here. In fact there are many factors that could push us to leave Taiwan and thus negatively impact the economy and society. Lots of families like us here too , we aren’t all poor immigrants. Taiwan govt seems to have its head up it’s arse when thinking about immigration and family…What do they want to achieve from a SHIT new naturalisation policy that thst is so ultra limited in scope it only works for 65 individuals (half of them possibly octogenarian priests with no family) in two years in a country of 22 million that is facing grave geopolitical threats … …What impact can be achieved ? A few newspaper headlines…


It was , but its main purpose was to ensure citizenship for children of slaves, which is more important.


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