65 foreign professionals naturalized as Taiwan citizens in two years


Its not cynical, it is extacly what happened but that is the old approach to immigration in east asia as a whole. Things are changing in most of them, some slower some faster, all of them face serious demographic problems and they know they need immigrants. Taiwan is the only one that actually wants them too, at least thats how i feel.


Yeah it could work out well for me too, doesn’t mean I think it’s a particularly good policy or system.


Woah there! :horse_racing:

An interpreter is provided for free, when the court is actually in session. The quality of interpretation is variable. You can also find English speakers among the litigation counselors (information desk people) and other court staff, sometimes.

Unless I missed something, all court applications and briefs are written in Chinese (and need to have the correct margin size), with no free translation service.

The winning side (normally) gets a refund on the litigation fee i.e. the court fee, which the losing side pays. This would be the $3000 of which you speak, so if you’ve already paid, no problem. The loser not paying the winner’s costs refers only to the other fees, for lawyers etc.

  1. Are you allowed to pooh-pooh your boss online like that? :hushed:

  2. Yes, it’s called the birth lottery, and we have all played it. :wink:


For me a crappy translation will be enough as I have all but given up trying to get them to see the light and I doubt a judge will side with me against the government so I’m not going to devote a lot of resources to it like lawyers and translators. Basically go and say my peace and see what happens.

I have friends that can help me translate the court documents. I can afford to pay the $3000 fee as I feel I am right however I know they will never agree with a foreigner over the govt.
At least I won’t need to pay any additional costs.