67% of Taiwanese have sex without condom

“Another of the study’s findings was that 30 percent of respondents said that they were willing to engage in sex with a partner without having an emotional connection.”

“surveyed 2,000 people (1,000 men and 1,000 women) between the ages of 19 and 35”

Wonder who exactly they are interviewing?


Well hopefully they’re only doing it after both have done a full STD test profile, and have no other unsafe contact for atleast 6 months

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Yeah, no.


The interesting thing for me is that the Taiwanese are not reproducing like rabbits. Since guys are not suiting ip…Either women are using more effective contraception or guys here shoot more blanks - swimmers have problems due to environmental pollution, for example.

Compare to Filipinas where 2 million people more were made due to lack of access to contraception due to the Covid effect in medical system.


Birth control is so cheap here, so is the morning after pill.


Well, I know one person who should have their own strain of gonorrhea named after them. So this tracks.

And single motherhood is practically non existent.

In our country we have very limited access to contraception, both medical and cultural reasons stand against it, women have a very low position in society and every time anyone asks for contraception, they equate it with abortion, which with children raped and left pregnant and women begging for surgeries to save themselves when pregnancy threatens their lives, makes all the discussion a monumental can of worms.

It’s not just the men, I’ve never had a Taiwanese girl ask me and some have asked me not to wear one.


the survey is flawed because NO WAY only 30 pct of people (im talking males here) would have sex without an emotional connection. I am fine with just a sexual connection :stuck_out_tongue:

And i remember an old , perhaps wise, aborigine once said "having sex with protection is like washing your feet with socks on "

The japanese super thin have a great feel but only because they break …the german panzer onces dont break but feels like you are riding on goodyears


I really had to laugh about the emotional connection (as far as males go) because when we see a pretty girl in the street we (at least me being male) have no thought about emotionally connecting with her, connecting physically yes…Emotions come later when there is a relationship. And males perhaps are more emotionally connected to their mates then females , there are more males that kill their girlfriends or wives when they want to leave then the other way around.

The movie Fatal Attraction was a hit partly because it was a woman who was stalking. We would not find it unusual if the person stalking was a man.


The stars have to align before you can get laid in Taiwan. Even if you see couples dating here, I seriously doubt half of them have sex. Local women are so apprehensive of meeting people that it trumps their sexual instinct. I suspect most of them just bang their cousins since they are the only “safe” family to be around.

I am curious in see who actually uses condoms here, it’s a big mystery. Most probably LGBTQPP. Maybe rich guys who go to KTVs is my best guess.

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Sorry, where’s this? Taiwan? :astonished:

I think it would surprise you how much teenagers here have sex. They have parties at motels, do drugs, drink, and have sex.

Like most of the world; usually 10% of the men are having sex with 90% of the women. (Rough estimate but you get the point) I think this is even more skewed in Taiwan.

Say what?
Your guess or have had personal experience?

Although Taiwanese women seem very conservative, and in many ways they are, I found that they are more open to sex than their western counterparts. I don’t think sex itself is very taboo, it’s more things like having a child out of wedlock or not marrying by 30 that they find shameful. Not so much sex.


he implied woman have sex with their cousins.

Yeah. That was weird.

It might not be but that doesn’t help the fact that Taiwan was dead last on the sociosexuality study in all the world. That explains, I suppose, why no kids are ever born on this god forsaken island.

It ‘s more like the guys kiss their behinds for decades and buy things for them until the girls realize they are about to hit menopause and decide it’s time to reward the poor bugger’s efforts. Not even for the efforts’ sake. More like to keep the benefits since noone else is likely to be interested in an old lady. Remember, Chinese only like young girls.


well then why would the birth rate not be on par with the rest of the world?