7-11 Hello Kitty figurines, especially little red riding hood

So far, I haven’t managed to get any of these three in my boxes. :frowning:

Anyone have any to trade? I have extras of the fairy with magic wand, and of the pinkish-purple dress.

Edit: I’ve gotten the sword in trade, and just got the wolf! I only need Little Red Riding Hood (and the four limited-time ones) to complete my set. :smiley:

Oh yeah, I’d like to get the special CNY and Valentine’s Day ones too; I didn’t know those were limited-time-only until it was way too late. :frowning: :frowning:

I have the wolf one sitting on my desk now, and you’re welcome to it.

I have quasi-vintage hello kitty pins from some time in the mid two thousands. 2006, maybe?
Top dolla!

There is a knick-knack store near exit 3 TaiPower Station. Go out and walk to the left. They usually have all these things for sale there, and I was able to buy all the One Piece figurines there.

We’ve got a Little red riding hood that we would trade for the fairy with the wand. Sorry we don’t have the wolf or the sword either. We do have two with a purple dress and a light blue bow.

I just got the sword one at a 7-11 that had an exchange system set up. Woohoo!

Wow, I love Hello Kitty too! If you’re looking for other ways to obtain the rest of the collections, you can try to buy them on websites such as ebay and amazon (or other Taiwanese online trading forums/websites) because some people actually collects them and then sell them off there. Good luck! ^^