7/5 Stand-up Comedy Show

Well, I guess you could say that this show targets Canadians/AMERICANS, but it’s really for anyone who enjoys/needs a good laugh.

Please note that there are 2 shows on July 5th: 8:30pm is non-smoking and there’s a smoking show at 11:00pm (Hope to see you there!)


oop.s. We weren’t able to confirm by the time this flyer was printed, but this show will also (happily) include a couple of skits by the Taichung Improv Group…whom, btw, did a great show last night at the Londoner…definately was worth the ride to Taichung…even thought my taxi guy couldn’t find the place (despite his global positioning system and repeated stops to ask ppl for directions)…in the end, I arrived there in a police car…go figure, eh?

Ok, Canada D’eh was a blast, now all Ya’ll come out to catch some Comedy. Gonna be a great night of laughs and fun…

Very grateful to the busy folks at the Taipei Times & China Post…but would like to clarify 2 things:

  1. there are 2 shows: [b]8:30pm /b & [b]11:00pm /b
  2. both shows include a skit by (Landis Shook and other members of) the Taichung Improv Group


ps Happy 4th of July!

Good sets by the newbies Funshine & Barry, Mark/Matt spot on as usual…and Landis, your improv/presence always makes me smile/chuckle but ur love of Bush (joke) will not be soon forgotten :wink:

The Pinetop Surgeons have a nice/unique sound…good-old home-grown country bluegrass, ie.

Thanks to all for making (it out) last night…truly memorable.