7-Eleven logo mistake

Trivia but true. The logo for the 7-Eleven stores in Taiwan, and maybe worldwide, contains a major major but cute mistake. Can you find it?

HINT: you must go to the store and look. Or see logo on Internet site.

I dunno

It’s upside down ?
It’s the wrong colour ?
The ‘N’ is lower case while the rest is upper case ?
it looks like this :?
The ‘V’ is always misprounced ?

The ‘N’ is lower case while the rest is upper case.

Sir, you got sharp eyes! So quick. Yes. I never noticed until a local elementary kid asked me why? Smart kiddies here.

Now the bigger quest is why?

I guess because ‘n’ fits in the space better, a ‘N’ has more vertical strokes and would need to be wider to still look like a ‘N’ without looking like a solid block. And a bit fat N wider than the other letters at the end wouldn’t look symetrical

Probably a marketing ploy, like misspelling words e.g. “tonite” so people will take notice. Funny though, since you mentioned it. I never noticed!

Then it can’t be too good of a marketing ply, eh?

It’s worldwide, goto 7-eleven.com and see for ya self.

Any explaination for the B and Q in BenQ? Someone told me it stands for “Bringing Enjoyment and Quality to Life.” But that, to me, would suggest a logo that looks like this:



I like those “Easy Your Life” slogans in front of that coffee shop chain.

I don’t believe there are any accidents in the creation of logos. These things are very carefully thought over. I think the rounded “n” simply looks softer that a capital letter would.

You can probably copyright or register as a trademark their version but not the “correct” version.