7th Tainan May Jam 2006

7th Tainan May Jam 2006
May 6th & 7th
Have a Band wanna play?
Register now.
Deadline April 20th.
For detailed information please visit the following web site:
then click on:

Till then

Axel Schunn

The Tainan May Jam 2006 info
by Axel Schunn/Steven Crook

If there should be a profound meaning of the Tainan May Jam (now in its 7th year) for being there and having a good time, then it must be that it is a desperate attempt to make a mark on Taiwan’s music landscape. In fact, that

Tainan May Jam 2006 Sound samples
Hi May Jam Fans

If you are interested to hear how some of the Bands that have registered for the 7th Tainan May Jam 2006 sound, you can check them out on the Charlie Swiggs Web site under Download or click on “Latest News” Band Registration and see to which Band you can listen too.
Or you can see if this link works

www2.eecs.stut.edu.tw/~charlie/s … Jam%202006

Axel Schunn

To everyone:

If you’re unsure whether to go or not - go. It’s a lot of fun, you’ll enjoy good music, meets lots of people, and can run and jump in the sea when you feel bored. Me, the missus, and our son will be there…

Hi everyone,

the 7th Tainan May Jam 2006, May 6th & May 7th, schedule is out.
Please check the Charlie Swiggs Web site, to get your own copy.

www2.eecs.stut.edu.tw/~charlie/s … r=bandlist


Axel Schunn

Hi everyone!
Here in Tainan
May 6th this coming Saturday,
the 2nd Armory “Tainan May Jam” Band Night.
Your favorite Tainan and Kaohsiung Bands will play.

09:30 p.m. ORANGE BOY
10:15 p.m. DIVE BOMB
10:50 p.m. F.I.N.K.
12:00 p.m. JAHRONOMO
12:40 p.m. ADAM

See you then,

Hi my name is Axel the Tainan May Jam organizer!
I wanted to say thanks to all of you, who either performed or came and watched the Bands.
You all were great, thank you so much.
You know, everyone can put on a show but with out all of you there would not have been show.
Thanks, that you made it so beautiful, the way how it was.
Thanks to Tainan City’s Cultural Department and it’s Deputy for the financial support this year, that was great. Your help has given me the mental support I dearly needed not to give up. In that spirit I am already on track getting things started for the next year.
Thanks to all that have supported the show for free like this bulletin and all other bulletins.
Again we were so lucky that we had such great weather.
Thanks again and hope to see you at one our shows in the near future.


Thanks again to all who took part in the last Tainan May Jam 2006.
Here are some pictures on Michael goodsoundz wet site, that bring back some real nice memories.
Please enjoy them:


Enjoy them and tell others about them.