7yo girl dies on an international flight


Sad news from last Tuesday… :cry:

A 7 years old girl travelling with her family (mother, grandmother, brother and sister) from Taiwan died on an international Emirates flight from Dubai to Germany. The girl had suffered from high fever and collapsed after takeoff.

An Emirates flight headed for Munich had to make an emergency stop in Kuwait on Tuesday, after a passenger died on board.
The passenger received immediate medical attention upon landing, but unfortunately was pronounced dead by an emergency doctor on the ground.

International flights are quite expensive and rescheduling is pricey. I hope they did not fly even though the kid got sick. There is no price tag for your kids life.


Very sad…
Any ideas about the cause?


As a relatively new Dad who had to convince his wife that his 7 month old baby is old enough for an upcoming international flight, my first thought was “Christ, this is sad” and my second thought was “Christ, I better hide this article from my wife.”


It only says high fever. My money is on a reaction to medication to lower such fever.

It says she was traveling with her whole family, grandma, siblings. Poor kids, will be traumatized.


It’s a tragedy but it really has nothing to do with flying a plane in the sky.
The same thing could happen if the girl takes a long-distanced bus trip across some desert, and there’re no hospitals within few hours’ drive.


I’d say the odds are you’re right, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it. Flying involves pressure changes which can have an effect under some circumstances.


Tragic but she must have been very very sick
And may have died even at a hospital
She collapsed on takeoff it said but crew may not have been aware the seriousness

Kuwaiti is two hours flight time and they stopped there but the child had died already

That was a very seriously ill child
Obviously should not have been even traveling

Perhaps everyone thought oh just a fever

A child can be a lot sicker then one had thought


Could a combination of the child being ill. Cabin pressure changes and possible over medicating and treating the child that caused it when all the people freaked out and tried doing different and possibly superstitious things.


Look, with the altitude and the pressure, medications and even liquor, have different, often increased reactions. That is why it is so dangerous to sedate animals or drink on a plane. Definetively, it is unadvisable to take that Valium before takeoff.

Moreover, there have been a couple of weird bugs going around. Anything from German measles to hand mouth disease.


Our family recently traveled to Europe and back with Emirates. My at that time 9 month old daughter did fine.
I was worried about the flight back as she just finished battling Roseola (玫瑰疹) the day before. We were monitoring her temperature which was almost back to normal and everything went well. :sweat:

Treatment includes sufficient fluids and medications to treat the fever. Nearly all people are infected at some point in time. Males and females are affected equally often.