8/15 SEANCE Hypnotic : Celebrate Ghost Festival

: S É A N C E : H Y P N O T I C :

Ghost Festival
Supernatural Hypnosis Show

招 魂 會 催 眠 秀
鬼月特別場 恐怖的喜感

催眠秀 Hypnosis Show

Event Info Name: SÉANCE HYPNOTIC : Ghost Festival Supernatural Hypnosis Show
Tagline: A Trancing Good Time Spooky Comedy Event for Ghost Festival
Time: Friday, August 15, 2008 at 10:30pm
Location: Live Comedy Club Taipei
Address: B1, No.24, Taishun St., (in the Shirda area)
City: Taipei, Taiwan
Contact Info Phone: 02.2.369.3730
Email: social@comedy.com.tw

SÉANCE HYPNOTIC: Supernatural Hypnosis Show (Discover the Magick of the Mind as You Enter the World of the Supernatural) performance with BRIAN DAVID PHILLIPS at Live COMEDY CLUB Taipei - Taipei, Taiwan, 10:30pm, Friday, 15 August 2008 (bilingual performance, Chinese interpretation) . . . this is a very very special GHOST FESTIVAL performance and will run through midnight so bring your teddy bear to hold on to . . . or, better yet, . . . bring a bunch of friends to hold your hand . . . in the séance circle . . . as we conjure spooks, spirits, and ghosties for your entertainment.

招魂會催眠秀 : 鬼月特別場恐怖的喜感 : 羅狼仁 : 雙語演出英語(國語口譯) : 隨票附贈催眠CD讀心墜子和招魂板 : 2008年八月十五日,晚上十點半 : 票價350元 : 台北市泰順街24號B1 (近師大路).

This performance is a very special presentation by Brian David Phillips 羅狼仁 as we step into the world of the supernatural, the paranormal, the mystic and experience psychic manifestations and more. With all the trappings of the occult and beyond . . . Séance, Ouija, Psychic Phenomena, Channeling, Mediumistic Communication, Hypnosis, Mentalism, and Trance Phenomenon . . . this performance will be an irreverant look at the magick of the mind and more as we celebrate Ghost Festival with authentic spiritualist techniques, spurious occult incantations, illusion, and genuine trance.

The performance is a bilingual presentation in English with Chinese interpretation. Live Comedy Club Taipei - http://www.comedy.com.tw/english - is located at B1, No.24, Taishun St., (in the Shirda area), Taipei. Call 02-23693730 for directions or reservations. NT$350 for the show and bonus gifts for the first folks to arrive: free authentic Ouija board with planchette stone, genuine “psychic pendulum” and a specially produced self-hypnosis audio CD of the Waking Dreams trance experience (limited supply; first come, first served). Lorraine Phillips is management and interpreter for bilingual performances.

Brian David Phillips is the premiere performance hypnotist in Taiwan and performs his WAKING DREAMS HYPNOSIS SHOW 催眠秀 - http://www.briandavidphillips.com - regularly at select venues as well as teaches hypnosis throughout the world in various venues in Taiwan, the United States, India, and elsewhere.

This is an “open” event so invite your friends. The supernatural show is an interactive experience utilizing vivid imaginative response, trance experience, and genuine hypnosis as well as actual intuitive readings and ideomotor automatisms employed by genuine psychics, mediums, and charlatans worldwide so the more of your friends with you to enjoy the experience, the better the show and the more wonderful the evening’s entertainment! The expression the more the merrier is certainly true!

Come and celebrate the height of Ghost Festival with a supernatural experience . . . or . . . at least the illusion of one.

All the best,