➜➜ 8/23 Friday⬆⬆ Pump Up the Disco ⬆⬆@ Room 18 Taipei (Free entrance info)

A Just One Fix + Room 18 Taipei joint

:arrow_up::arrow_up: Pump Up the Disco :arrow_up::arrow_up:

Dee-Eye-Ess-See-Oh! That’s disco to you!


8月23日 星期五 晚11點
11pm, Friday, August 23, 2013

[ Nu-disco, Indie Dance, UK Garage ]

Pump Up the Disco 帶來活潑俏皮又具復古趣味的派對新感受!

引領潮流和前衛時尚的新型浩室舞曲UK Garage, Nu-disco

還有個性獨具的獨立電子搖滾舞曲Inde Dance!


@LLEN (Just One Fix)

SwingChild (Slot Machine)

B.B. (Bass Kitchen)

Katrina (AcidBoost)


Room 18 Taipei

B1, No. 88. Songren Rd. Taipei
Info: +8862 23452778





[color=#800000]FREE entrance before 12am with flyer!![/color]

Otherwise 700NT at door (include 2 free drinks)

Please show ID at door. No entrance for under 18 years old

Please “Like” Just One Fix on Facebook to get update about flyer distribution location.

:arrow_forward: @LLEN (Just One Fix)

@LLEN was playing electronic dance music in Taipei even before there was a bona fide dance scene. Rightfully tagged “Godfather” of electronic dance music in this city via his “Tekno Invasion” radio show (1993), his “Hyper Hyper” club nights at Underground (1994), and his “Finally…the Party”—Taiwan’s first-ever outdoor rave (1995), his impact is indisputable. Even his afternoon “Sunday Sessions” at Opium Den (1998), were the first weekly Drum ‘n’ Bass parties in this city. He has also written articles for magazines, published books, released albums of dance music mixes, founded a group dedicated to organizing rave parties, and worked as a radio host and an MTV program producer. @llen has been invited to DJ at events like Street Parade in Zurich and Rio Parade in Brazil in front of hundreds of thousands of people. He rubs shoulders with the global dance music elite, but keeps his sights and his sound firmly routed to the underground.


:arrow_forward: SwingChild (Slot Machine)

在Nu Rave時期盛行時開始接觸DJ,於2010年取得大中華區Pioneer DJ大賽No.2佳績的SwingChild,並受到台北在地活動單位Dance Rock Taipei的青睞,讓他初出道就累積了多次與國際級DJ(如Erol Alkan、Rory Phillips、Renaissance Man、Style of Eye、BeatauCue、NT89、P.O.L Style…等)同台演出的經驗,這樣厲害的新銳DJ當然成為各大派對組織的愛將。

2012年與Kingfisher,ForTune,Lottery,Djust共同創立音樂廠牌S.M.R (Slot Machine Records) 放歌的類型從Hip Hop、Post Punk、Indie Dance、Electro、Techno、Rave….都有可能在現場中聽到。如何達到共治一爐呢??只能等你/妳到現場 親自體驗才能得知了!

slotmachine.bandcamp.com/track/s … swingchild

:arrow_forward: B.B. (Bass Kitchen)

來自法國巴黎的BB從2006年開始在台灣幫Campo戶外創意市集DJ,後來有一陣子每個星期三在操場放電音給操場的搖滾客人聽。之後BB加入Earworm,組織了幾場很成功的Techno派對,邀請像Robert Hood和John Selway這樣的大咖來台灣表演。BB從高中開始就愛收集唱片,他的音樂品味廣,又熱愛挖掘一些很少見的唱片。他不喜歡將音樂分類,當他放歌的時候你會聽到各種類型,從acid house 到 disco, post-punk 或是 techno,只要他覺得好聽的音樂他都會放。他的一個小小願望就是在台灣繼續放好聽的音樂,而且每次都能帶給他的聽眾一些驚喜。


:arrow_forward: Katrina (Acidboost / LIL)

本次派對的DJ群裡唯一的女性DJ Katrina,有著眾多明星臉分身的她是位極資深跑趴妹,但因不滿足於時下Dance Floor/Club的音樂憤而幹起Promoter自行找來國外藝人表演並與DJ Zo策劃起新的活動單位Lives In Live突襲各處。當晚Katrina將會在DJ台中隨著音樂轉圈為大家帶來她所喜愛的House/UK Garage類型樂風。


Remember if you show up with the flyer it’s free to get in.

You can grab the flyers at some cool clothing stores, Cafes and a record shop.

The list of the stores where you can get the flyers is to be found in the Facebook event page.
More locations will be added.

Be sure to click RSVP and get the flyer. You’ll be grooving to the funkiest tunes at the party! Hooray!