8/9 Sat. SUMMER AQUARIAN 2008 @WaiAo Beach, TouCheng, Ilan

[color=#0080FF][b]Cube Production + CoorsLight Present
SUMMER AQUARIAN 2008 : CoorsLight Cool Party

DATE: 2008.08.09 Sat.
TIME: 15:00~05:00
VENUE: WaiAo Beach, TouCheng, Ilan url=http://maps.google.com.tw/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=zh-TW&msa=0&msid=109875042928776996878.00043faef22c6d2d973bc&t=h&ll=24.873404,121.839237&spn=0.006122,0.011115&z=17[/url][/b]

Broiling hot Atomsphrere, mid-summer lust.
Right here at WaiAo Beach, your summer could taste delicious…
Top DJs and various artist/vocalist got together for the first time ever to rock your world.
Rock,hip-hop and all types of music you can think of, are right here at the stages!!
The originated 2+1 performance stage right here at the beach, the ultimate party experience right above the sea level.
We will seduce all your senses, break them and recontruct them with this amazing beach party!
Coors Light Cool party! the best party you can get this year is right here at WaiAo beach to blow you away![/color]

Summer of 2002, a group of friends who share common passion for music and beach created Summer Aquarian at surfer’s heaven in Taiwan, the east coast, Ji-Gi beach.
Ever since 2002, until today, Summer Aquarian doesn’t only witness the revolution of Taiwan beach party culture but also becomes one of the major musical festival here in Taiwan.
Cube Production had a vision for creating a festival which combining Multi-stage Musical Performaning, Ocean Sports and Originality Market. So they strive to make it happen and now this Festival is well recognized not only locally but it has its reputation internationally.

2008, after more than 6 months of detailed negotiation with local government, “Cube Production” not only receive the permission from government, but also full support from “Yilan International Rain Festival”, and “CoorsLight”. Together, we elevate the class of beach party as well as our vision to a brand new level.
Here at this exceptionally gifted Wu-She beach in Yi-Lan city, you can expect sandy beach stretched across the east coast of Taiwan, which also became one of the hottest surfer’s heaven in northern Taiwan.
You are not only being a part of this primeval natural landscape of Lan-Young Plain, but also, “Cube Production” will make sure that all attendee can enjoy non-stop musical performances from 3pm-5am. And for those who stay to the last second with us, will have an opportunity to view the most beautiful scenery here at the Lan-Young Plain - “Sun Raise over Turtle Island”.
This event will cost more than 72 hrs of assembly and 200 skilled helpers with different background such as visual arts, design, and musical to work together. Combining the supports of government officials and local groups, we want to bring you a festival which fuses creativity, fashion, and environmental elements together into an even better outdoor beach party – Summer Aquarian Music Festival.

Summer Aquarian has always been here ever since and we also want to salute to all the supporters out there who never stop standing up for outdoor musical festivals. Thank you! And let’s make history of the outdoor party in Taiwan!

[b]● LINEUP :

:black_medium_square: Fusion Stage::[/b]
16:00~17:00 胖虎
17:00~18:00 831八三夭
18:00~19:00 滅火器
19:00~20:00 666
20:00~21:00 DJ Leo + MC AK (Underground Records)
21:00~22:00 DJ Yi Hung aka @pple
22:00~22:15 Popping Dance Show : Let’s Boogie | DJ @pple
22:15~22:45 MC Jam :: MC Hot Dog + 參劈 + 頑童
22:45~23:45 The League + Fort Minor(黑暗堡壘)團員Tak | DJ Leo
23:45~00:00 B-Box : Taco | DJ Kim
00:00~02:00 DJ Shawn + MC AK (Underground Records)
02:00~04:00 DJ Whisky aka 游強 + MC 沈懿

:black_medium_square: Rave Stage:
16:00~17:30 Code
17:30~19:00 Sam
19:00~20:00 Apple
20:00~22:00 David S.
22:00~00:00 Jimmy Chen
00:00~02:00 Vertigo
02:00~03:30 Joe Ho
03:30~05:00 Cougar (Cube Production)

:black_medium_square: House Stage:
15:00~17:00 F*Daniel
17:00~19:00 Mitch
19:00~21:00 Kay
21:00~23:00 Kelvin aka HSIEH YI-HUNG
23:00~01:00 Jr & Megan
01:00~03:00 Sona
03:00~05:00 Hooker aka Dominik T.

[color=#00BF00]● ADMISSION :

  1. Sanitary Deposit :NTD 200
    Normal and recycle garbage bags will be available and for those who fill them up and bring back the garbage will have the NTD 200 deposit back.
  2. Go to 7-11 or Family Mart and purchase 3 bottles/cans of “CoorsLight”, then you can have one free entry with the receipt.

● Help us to clean the beach, we can make it happen!
Since we had trouble cleaning up after last year’s party, “Summer Aquarian” had to adjust the rules for this year to protect our beach.
This year we will bring back the Sanitary Deposit (NTD 200) policy. Normal and recycle garbage bags will be available and for those who fill them up and bring back the garbage will have the NTD 200 deposit back.
WaiAo beach is famous for its clean landscape with no man made wastes. So for all of you who also enjoy beach party, please join us and protect it by doing recycling.

● Public transportation discount :

  1. By train: with train ticket of Aug. 9th (Depart: not Yi-Lan city; arrival: Tau-Cheng station, Wai-Ao station), you could exchange for one free ticket at the service center near the entrance.
  2. By Bus: with “首都之星客運” bus ticket of Aug. 9th (Depart: Taipei; Arrival: Tau-Cheng, Jiao-Xi station), you could exchange for one free ticket at the service center near the entrance.
    1. By Taxi: with Taxi receipt from “北三聯隊” (NTD 1000 or above), you could exchange for two free ticket at the service center near the entrance.[/color]

● Commute Information :

● Notice :

  1. This even is entitled to public casualty insurance.
  2. Drinks, glass bottles, food and contrabands are forbidden.
  3. There will be check points at entries.
  4. For the safety of public, we do not allow those who are mentally unstable.
  5. This event will cooperate with law enforcement personals to put down any sort of contrabands or those who are endanger the public.
  6. Yi-Lan police department will also station inside the party, please do not challenge the law.
  7. ID will be checked upon entry, 18 below is not allow to attend.
  8. There will not be locker for deposit, so please keep eye on your belongings and valuables. In case of anything missing, please check with the information counter.
  9. Please have necessary medicine ready and watch out for the mosquito, which can be very hungry.
  10. There will be no one allowed in the water between the time of 19:00 ~ 05:00.

[b]More info. Will be followed :

SUMMER AQUARIAN’s official WebSite:


Sounds like a great party, but no swimming allowed at a beach party?