8am flight to HK, is the MRT useless?

Newbie here - catching the 8am HK airlines flight on the weekend, but I recall taking the MRT from Taoyuan when I arrived and it being around an hour to get to Taipei Main Station (I’m living nearby beside Zhongshan station). The website says the first airport train runs at 6.07am which puts me there around 7.10am potentially, less than an hour before. Usually I’m pretty chilled out with international flights but less than an hour before seems to be cutting it tight - am I best to get a cab/uber, bus, or go crash at the terminal the night before?

Thanks in advance and sorry if I’m re-asking a repeated question, just couldn’t find much on the forum so far!

Cab/Uber are fastest, but most expensive. Bus should be cheap and convenient. If you go with a good crew, buy a couple of crates of beer and some food and just party in the terminal the night before the flight. (Note however that bbqs are not permitted within the terminal.)


tell me there’s a good story behind you finding out that you can’t take a bbq into the airport terminal


KuoKuang buses run regularly 24/7 from Taipei Main Station. I think if you aren’t willing to put down the money for a taxi all the way to the Airport, you might find that it is a decent option and they are just as quick as the MRT.


sweet as, thanks!

Safe travels! You’ll also find that the buses are about 20% cheaper than the Taoyuan MRT. :slight_smile: