90 day visa tickets questions

Still looking for overall info ass to what needs to be done, but what kinds of tickets should be bought? Yes, it’s round trip, but what length should be in between arrival and departure, and so on. Also, as I understand, I can switch that to a work visa?

I did a 90 day stay no problem, visa free entry. I had an ongoing flight 89 days later. I don’t recall them asking for proof.

It was a pain to book through Expedia. They’re fine for round trips and up to one month stays. Anything beyond that and the site becomes a hassle. I ended up booking two hotels for a month each, then I a booked a third hotel for the third month after I’d arrived. I had tentative plans to visit several countries, but I wanted to keep things flexible. Expedia doesn’t understand flexible. I’m not sure I’ll do it again the same way next time. Maybe rent a house.

Thanks for the input.