911 and the Hip Hop Community

Oops …

When a popular HH rapper says : ‘‘Blacks ‘cheered when 9-11 happened’’’, it’s a whole new ballgame.

Take the new CD by KRS-One in NYC.

The hip-hop anarchist has declared his solidarity with al-Qaida by asserting that he and other African-Americans “cheered when 9-11 happened.”

The rapper, [real name Kris Parker], defiled the memory of those who died in the terrorist attacks as he spouted off at a recent New Yorker MagazineFestival panel discussion.

“I say that proudly,” the rapper went on, insisting that, before the attack, security guards kept blacks out of the World Trade Center "because of the way we talk and dress. "So when the planes hit the building, we were like, ‘Mmmm – justice.’ "

The atrocity of 9-11 “doesn’t affect us the hip-hop community,” he said. “9-11 happened to them, not us,” he added, explaining that by “them” he meant “the rich … those who are oppressing us. RCA or BMG, Universal, the radio stations.”

Parker also sneered at efforts by other rappers to get young people to vote. “Voting in a corrupt society adds more corruption,” he added. “America has to commit suicide if the world is to be a better place.”