911 was truly horrible and the 10th anniversary scary for America but was this a bit too much?

msnbc.msn.com/id/44501310/ns … -security/

911 was a truly horrible event that is seared into the American psyche. And the tenth anniversary a scary day for us as well. But this was carrying it a bit too far wasnt it?

If what she says is right her “crime” is to be half arabic and sitting next to two indians who had a conversation outside the planes toilet?

I think I will not fly at all on 911 on any year.

bloody Americans. Did nobody think to just knock on the toilet door and ask if everything is OK? Anyway, assembling bombs in toilets from drain cleaner and used underwear is just, like, so 2009.

I wonder how much that whole charade cost. All things considered, must be a couple of million US$, not to mention people’s wasted time (multiply that by 50 “similar incidents” = $0.1 billion). The terrorists win … again.

I love the bit about the cops asking “if they have any explosives”.

To be brutally honest, the theater is to keep on going, keep on flying in spite of the fact that there is nothing they can do to prevent another 9/11 and that the terrorists can pull up a scene like that or worse anytime, anywhere. To accept that and take steps towards addressing that would involve the kind of deep changes that would radically alter the sociopolitical structures and economically would be very costly. Because, face it, if you can’t trust your own people, if an elderly wheelchair bound, colonoscomy carrying Vietnam veteran born in Wakawka , Wisconsin, is carrying explosives with the willful intention of blowing up a plane, taking with him key infraestucture in Bukabuka, South Dakota, you do have bigger problems, dear. I mean, to prevent teh old geezer from carrying out a terrorist attack or being used as a pawn for one is the reason why they are stripping him of his dignity in an airport line, is it?