A 12-sided die/dice

Where can I find a 12-sided die?

You can have a look at the places mentioned in this thread, although the information is about six years old now:

And this thread is even older:

I think this place ships internationally, although that’s probably more than you’re after.

(Odd timing that you ask about this. About 72 hours ago I bought a set of polyhedral dice basically on the way to the airport in Canada, after searching forumosa and Amazon and realizing that they’re difficult to get here, and the dice on Amazon [strike]will[/strike] won’t ship to Taiwan.)

Could use 1 die and a coin. Tails is +6.

Thanks for the replies. I have regular dice, but I enjoyed using the 12-sided one teaching months to very young students.

I don’t know if these places have 12-sided specifically, but they have various shapes of dice:

JOOL on the second floor at No 415 Fuxing N. Road. (Looks like apartments, but it’s in there.) Phone number: 02-27127636 or 0920543971

Alchemy on the north west corner of Zhongxiao-Fuxing intersection, 9th floor (Looks like offices or apartments, but it’s in there.)

Hands Tailung in the Breeze Center. I’ve bought 4-sided, 8, 10, and 20 here before. They’re in boxes and you bring the whole box up to the counter because they scan the bar code on the box, but they’re sold individually; just tell them how many you want. I think they are $15 each if I remember correctly.

Does anyone know whether these places are still open? Do they sell DND minifigs etc? Any phone number for Alchemy? Many thanks in advance!