A 5 year old shot his sister dead with his birthday rifle


The kid got a real rifle for his birthday at 1pm, and shot his sister dead not long afterwards. The rifle used in the accident is a Crickett designed for children and sold under the slogan “My First Rifle."

You can get your youngster a rifle at crickett.com/
unfortunately “my first rifle” comes with “My First Kill,” target not included.

It is a smaller weapon designed for children and comes with a shoulder stock in child-like colors including pink and swirls. It is legal in Kentucky to give a child a rifle as a gift

Why would a 5 year old need a rifle?..why not just a toy gun or a bb gun?

I’m just waiting for the NRA to come out and say that this could have been prevented if the two year old was armed with her own gun.


This could have been prevented if there was an armed cop in every home.

Maybe he felt as though his life was threatened. The threshold is pretty low in the U.S. these days.

I hate to disappoint the liberals here, but sorry, this isn’t a gun issue. If the 2 year-old was left unattended and drowned in the backyard pool, or while left in the car in the parking lot with the windows up, it would have been a result of the same cause of this particular tragedy. Bottom line - when your parents are retards the chances of dying young go up

goes up even higher when said parent gives the kid a loaded gun.

i don’t know what the mom was doing when she left “for a moment”, but if she just went outside to pick up mail, I think it’d be pretty difficult for her kid to drown or die of heat exhaustion, but more than enough time for the kid to shoot himself in the face with a gun.

So… in your opinion. would you say it was stupid to buy the rifle? Or is that ok, and it was only stupid to leave him alone with it?

Personally, I wouldn’t buy my 5 year-old son so much as a cap gun. But that’s just me. I wouldn’t call parents who choose to teach their 5 year-old to shoot necessarily stupid, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable handing over a loaded rifle to a preschool kid unless it was strapped to a bench or the like. However, I would call any parent that let a 5 year-old have free access to a rifle stupid, regardless of the certainty of it being loaded or not. I was able to target shoot when I was 11, and I feel that was an appropriate age for me to get introduced to firearms. I owned my first rifle when I was 13 after I understood the damage they could do and knew how to handle them safely. I suppose there are those who would call my parents stupid too. I never felt the need to play around with guns or handle my problems with one, even at 13

Complete nutballs

Stopped reading here. Once you draw partisan lines, you become a moron.

Thanks for the sweet-n-sour chicken Deuce Flopper. Sweet because I finally showed up on the radar of a legendary poster, sour because that best describes the comment, and chicken because it was a bit of a cheap shot :roflmao: Sorry, I couldn’t help but to use Chinese food to describe it since we’re in Taiwan. Not really a Taiwan dish, but close enough

It has nothing to do with being ‘Liberal’, and I hate it when people paint one side Liberal or Conservative in a cut and dry common sense situation.

It has everything to do with a seriously out of control part of American culture that perpetually gets defended out of a now moot clause in a 200 plus year old document. The King of England is not gonna come take your shit, the second amendment is a joke and an excuse for people to profit and sick fucks to get hard-ons with their gun fetish.

The parents: completely fucked and irresponsible, should be thrown in jail.

Crickett: completely fucked and irresponsible, should be thrown in jail, or at least outlawed.

NRA: completely fucked and irresponsible, a threat to society and an example of a small minority speaking for the majority.

In many ways this is worse for the ‘gun lobby’ than Sandy Hook because it is just good ole regular gun loving folk who ended up gifting the death of one of their children (it is fucking shocking that someone would buy a 5 year old a gun and then leave it around them loaded). Sandy Hook had a bad guy, which the gun lobby could paint as the perpetrator. This one, just guns and gun folks.

Laws need to change.

Stopped reading here. Once you start calling parts of the Bill of Rights a joke, you become a moron. :laughing:

Yes, I was first to draw political lines, but I was hardly the first to hint at it. Gun laws in general are mostly a partisan issue, after all, and liberals are usually the first to jump on shit like this. This is a thread listed under international politics :unamused: Pretty sure if someone else had made a slant at conservatives for their gun views you would have made the same comment about drawing partisan lines, right? :unamused:

But yes, I agree, the parents are morons. I wouldn’t feel sorry for them if they faced some sort of legal ramifications, although it would be miniscule compared to the punishment they’ve already received

If they want to pass a law that 5 year olds shouldn’t have unsupervised access to firearms then fine. Nevertheless, as an American I don’t believe guns should be kept out of the hands of responsible people out of fear of morons and deviants. It really doesn’t bother me if others disagree with that, because enticing two responses from DD in one day is enough to make me feel sprightly :discodance:

The Second Amendment is not a joke. The way it is interpreted in the US today is.

Back when the Second Amendment was written, the intent was to allow militias, and firearms were not what they are today. Times change. And hate to tell you, the “Founding Fathers” were not gods. They were ordinary people who wrote based on their culture, their beliefs and their situation at that time. That is why the Constitution can be amended – and should be, if the intent is no longer clear and the result is that assault weapons are not regulated at all.

Any guesses about how long before the parents sue the gun manufacturer for wrongful death?

Yeah, sorry for any political lines I drew. I’m a moron for mentioning anything related to politics on this thread :thumbsup:

I pretty much agree with LF here. I won’t even pretend to try to understand the insanity of a rifle made for a 5-year-old. But the insanity of leaving a loaded weapon within reach of a child still trumps it. It may as well have been any other highly dangerous item.

That’s not banned? Like what?

Well, you don’t see many “my first chainsaw” or “my first hybrid rocket motor” products on the market, do you? It’s bizarre that someone is allowed to manufacture “my first rifle” - because it’s a gun and not a chainsaw - and sell it to fucktards. The only positive outcome here is that there is now 50% less chance of their faulty DNA and parenting skills perpetuating itself. Darwin Award by proxy?

Household cleaner, rat poison, gasoline, a cattle prod, a pointy thing, an open flame, fireworks, butcher knives, medicine that looks like cherry candy.

As I said I won’t even pretend to try to understand that. Hell, ban it, fine with me. But once it was bought by a parent it became a parental responsibility.

This horrible incident destroyed two young lives. Including the one who pulled the trigger.