A Baltimore thread

First we had Freddie Gray:

Then this and that in various threads. But now it’s all the rats in Baltimore and how that proves Trump is a racist or something.

What it’s really about is how Trump can control the topic of discussion. But let’s not ignore Baltimore. Because, for now at least, we can’t help ourselves. At least we can give it a thread all its own, for housekeeping purposes. Eventually this will be replaced by another shiny outrage thing, but for now it’s wall to wall Baltimore.

Here’s Newsweek admitting the problem is local corruption:

bojack put this in another thread, but let’s mirror it here:


Amd jdsmith gave us:

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A nice gesture, I guess…

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It’s just silly that Trump would ever take a hit for telling the honest truth. His style of discussion - no words are off-limits, say what you honestly think - is exactly what we Americans need if we’re to solve our internal problems.

This should be trivial, but Democrats sadly disagree.

Plain and simple. Trump and Sanders are correct in their assessment, both in 2015 and in 2019. Sadly, Charm City has been deteriorating steadily for decades.

Even former mayor Catherine Pugh (2016-19), during a walking tour in September 2018, condemned parts of her own city. “What the hell? We should just take all this sh-t down,” she said, regarding the dilapidated and boarded up buildings and row houses in east Baltimore. “You can smell the rats. Oh my G-d, you can smell the dead animals.”

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I read it with an open mind coming from CNN.
He zings both sides of the aisles. The problems of Baltimore do run deep.
It had a population of over 900,000 in the 1950s, now just over 600,000.

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Wow, that’s an alarming number. Not good.

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A nice gesture…


In retrospect, they were strokes of genius.


-great video of on-the-street interviews and the clean-up help by outsiders
-that lady in the beginning is not a cop (which is a first thought), got her gun permit 8 years ago (not 8 days ago)
-at 4:00 the resident says he’s glad Trump is saying those things, cuz they’re true; the others say the same thing

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It’s a dead horse at this point, but its corpse rots as a rebuke to the race baiters, who have yet to repent their ways. So one more Balt-mawr story…

Government is just another word for the ways we prevent each other from getting things done.

Maryland, My Maryland…

Not Baltimore County, but a gallon of gas away.

In May, Prince George County officials defended their release of two illegal alien MS-13 gang members who were not turned over to ICE, and thus freed into the general public. After their release, they allegedly murdered a 14-year-old girl by beating her to death with baseball bats, and stabbing her with a machete.

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