A Barbecue

Hi - I was hoping to have some friends over for a barbecue this weekend and I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to rent a barbecue?. Otherwise does anyone know where I could buy a cheap, second-hand barbecue, or if anyone has a barbecue and lives in Taipei would you want to rent it to me for the day?

look for ads selling bbqs here or on tealit.com for 2nd hand stuff.

you can buy cheapo bbq’s (real ones with a lid and requiring propane) for under 3k from b&q, although they don’t last that well. you can also buy a bbq and charcoal, which is cheap ($500-1k) but takes a while to get going.

good luck.

Try Carrefour, Geant and maybe Wellcome. Certainly the first 2 have cheap barbeques and all necessary bits that go with them.

Have fun

Bru… you can’t be serious?! :noway:

I have a bbq/smoker that’s in great shape and the best I’ve ever used. Anyone want it for future use pm for the sale. :smiley: