A bass player in Taichung?

Anyone know or know of a talented and serious bass player in Taichung who’s looking to play in a seriously funky band?

If so, please PM me with details or contact info and we’ll take it from there!


Try the dude from Milk. From what I know of him he’s always looking for new music. You’ll be able to find him from their website.

I’d ask Lao Nuo, I am sure he knows plenty of people. Just go there on a Friday or Saturday night, not too late and ask for Lao3Nuo4


I’d be interested myself, but I haven’t touched a bass for at least five years and - more important - I am neither talented nor serious.

Thanks dude…I work with the bassist from Milk and we’ve talked about this a few times and there are a few guys around…i’m just trying to get a bit of choice if that is possible, so we can find someone suitable.