A better way to pair people for MA competition

yesterday i was getting a lesson from my upperclassman (shr shiong) and i got an idea :

i think all competitors should take a ‘gong li" test first. this could be done by crossing tan saos. those with higher gong li should be paired together in one competitors’ class and those with less accordingly. this method would help to avoid injuries and put people together more accurately than by ‘level’ or belt etc.

I don’t know what a “gong li” is but tell me how to do it and I’ll see if I can fit it into my next event!

Andy Wang

Hehe - do you have a “gong li”-ometer handy for the objective measurement of skill? Otherwise, what’s the criteria?

One time I crossed tan-saos with a supposed Tai-chi master, pak-sao’ed his tan-sao to the side with my other hand and it worked so well I accidentally punched him in the face!

However, I doubt my ‘gong li’ was actually more than his – he just didn’t expect that tactic because in previous encounters with Wing Chun guys, they’d usually just try to lop-sao his tan-sao down.

And in this test of “gong li”, are either of the guys allowed to slide under the other guy’s tan-sao, grab him around the waist, slam him down on his ass, squeeze his legs together to come around his side, climb up on his chest and punch him repeatedly in the face? Would that be an indication of superior “gong li”, or would that be considered “qiang da”?

dear vay,
understanding all that, but gong li is important if that guy hits YOU! just like me: i’m small and have to have good moves like you just described because i can’t out strength people. on the street no choice but in competition i’d hate to be paired up with someone who can make my gall bladder run out my nose when they hit me.