A bike CAR

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This seems like something really fun. HOwever I would think that besides the cost, its a two wheeler and subject to the same dangers of a wheel losing traction on a slippery road and getting into a crash just like a regular big bike. And the trainer wheels wouldnt be able to do you any good.

It looks to me that the original video is a bit old. You can tell because the presenter Jeremy Clarkson is wearing 80s style clothing and sporting a mullet hair cut.

The training wheels might not stop you crashing but a crash would be a lot more survivable than on a motorcycle. Clarkson’s wearing a seatbelt as well as a mullet.

I think they came out in the mid 80’s but the idea’s been around since the 30’s. Also open-sided feet down versions like the Quasar, http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~bugivan/quasar_page.htm

and that BMW C1 scooter.

Nice tries but not considered “cool” by the butthead buying public, so no commercial coconut.

Not to mention he looks a LOT younger then he does today.

Thinks: If you stretched the wheelbase of a scooter a bit (I THINK the midframe is usually just a single large diameter tube) sat on (or just above) the floor, maybe lowered the steering column and bars a bit, and (optionally) added a roof (which if load bearing would make the whole thing a lot stronger) you’d pretty much have a one-off Quasar-scooter.

Edit: (Except it wouldn’t have a 4-cylinder 850cc shaft drive engine.)

BUT as mass-transport maybe it ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.

Gyro-car, two wheels, 1912! (prototype, apparently didn’t corner very well)

:roflmao: germans again?

Nope (might have worked then). One of ours (Wolsley) but designed by a Russian.

OK, poor cornering, but whaddya want from a 1912 prototype? If there hadn’t been that bit of unpleasantness in Europe 2 years later, who knows?..

Yes a little unpleasantness called WORLD WAR ONE>

Maybe they should have the trainer wheels retract ONLY after 100kph?? Then it may be safe enough? Because after 100kph you really wont be on a regular road anyhows?