A Blind Kitty and a Three-Legged Kitty

So I’ve been keeping an eye out for an appropriate cat to introduce to my dog-owning home, and in my own meandering search I came across these two angels:

I visited them about 6 weeks ago at Top Vet, LongJiang Rd. #260 where they are currently being cared for.

Both cats came to the vet as kittens, at separate times over a year ago. The brown tabby was bashed in the face and required intensive facial surgery. He has completely recovered, but the head trauma left him blind. The grey and white tabby was hit by some vehicle, and one of his rear legs was so badly infected that they had to amputate it.

Since then, they have been living together in a steel box at the vet’s office. Their ads have been posted on several Chinese sites, and while they’ve received manymanymany hits, nobody has come to adopt them.

They are both really sweet, beautiful cats. The blind kitty has no problem eating and using his litterbox, provided he knows where those things are. He is willing to move around and slowly explore his surroundings, but just needs his own space and time to do so. And at the risk of objectifying his handicap, I’d say his blind eyes are even more beautiful than the average cat’s, due to their perpetual dilation…

The 3-legged kitty is super affectionate, not afraid of strangers, and quite lively. When I saw him, he was so excited at being out of his cage, he jumped right down from the examination table and probably would have bolted if he didn’t decide he preferred to just sit around and get some love. =)

The 3-legged one is neutered. The blind one has not been neutered yet, but the vet is willing to perform the operation before sending them off to their new home.

Since they have lived together for so long, ideally, they can be adopted together. The vets understand that it’s going to be difficult finding a good home for either one of them, let alone both of them given how most people would rather adopt perfect little kittens. They’re staying at the vet for as long as they need to, but obviously, both cats would be happier with a real home to call their own.

If you think you’re going to be the hero that can provide these cats a good home, you’re invited to stop by Top Vet (phone: 02-2517-0902) and/or speak to Dr. Jiang, who knows their situation the best. (I don’t know how much English he speaks, but I’m willing to come along if you’d like to visit.)

Check out these two links for more information:

3-legged kitty
Blind kitty

It’s all in Chinese, but you should check out the many pictures (I didn’t take those pictures – they’re from the links) and lots of people cheering the kitties on… but despite over 3000 hits on the blind kitty and over 1000 hits on the 3-legged one, nobody’s come to adopt them yet. I haven’t kept in contact with that vet since I saw them, but I’ve been keeping an eye on those links and I’m upset that they’re still unadopted, so I’m passing the message along… since it doesn’t seem like they’ve tried tapping into this crowd of big-hearted foreigners yet. =)

They look so loving and so cute… I will try and spread the word about them.

Scott :rainbow:

Thanks for posting this, menghsindy.

Let’s hope they find a home soon.