A Bloody Mary and Brunch in Taipei

Carnegies is one option for a brunch-time bloody mary.

What other good places are there to get a brunch-time bloody mary any day of the week?

Not sure about the brunch options now that they’ve moved location (to Warner Village area I believe), but Dan Ryan’s has the tastiest Bloody Mary of the places in Taipei where I’ve sampled one.

Any good ideas for a drinking brunch with the guys?

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I’m not asking again.

Still would be nice to know for example at 9am on a Wednesday morning. Or anytime any morning.

The Diner, opens at 9:00 a.m., do they even have a Margaritas I don’t know.

Hooters opens at 11:30.

For referwnce only as this is or was in Tainan.

All closed I believe.

Imagine taking a lady friend for brunch in Carnegies in 2022

I would not even mention Carnegie’s to a Taiwanese lady friend. Unless I met her in a KTV.

It’s too well known as a hoehouse.

Which is a misperception, because these days it’s just a couple old auntie’s or grandmother’s whispering in your ear “do you want to date”.

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At 7-eleven.

Is it possible,
to concoct,
a reasonable Bloody Mary,
for my cock (atoo).

Didn’t we do this already in another thread? Anyway…
Try FuMu 父母 Opens at 10 am.


How is Adlon weekend brunch time vibe?