A Blue Angel is no angel it seems?

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What if it was a relationship between two consenting adults? And arent they all adults at the Blue Angels team? Unless its on a moral issue if one was married to someone else or what? Should the govt get involved in this if his/her work is not affected? There must be more to this story?

I know some companies wont like it if you have issues with other people at work due to a break up or what not? But generally shouldnt they mind their own biz? Unless its creating a problem ?

You are looking at it from an understandably civilian perspective. The military has very strict, and sometimes antiquated, guidelines about what is and is not acceptable behavior. From the minimal details in the article (a man and a woman being involved) it sounds like it was fraternization. Until more details are released, it is only speculation on my part.

Once again, without more information, it’s hard to really tell what happened. But in general, relationships between enlisted personal and officers are against the rules. The pilot was guaranteed to be an officer (and as the article state, male). As for the female involved, she is most likely enlisted for there to be this kind of reaction. The exact wording is “the conduct was prejudicial to good order and discipline or was of a nature to bring discredit on the armed services”. The relationship is off limits when it crosses the boundary of what would normally be considered a “professional” working relationship. Anything that can/could affect the effectiveness of the unit, the morale, or its capabilities is under the government’s purview.

When you agree to join the volunteer armed forces in the US, you give up certain rights and privileges that one would otherwise have as normal citizen. Your first amendment rights are curtailed, i.e. you can’t criticize the Commander in Chief (The President of the US), as are your 4th, 5th and others. It’s on the dotted line when they signed the contract and took the oath.

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Actually in the commercial working office a Manager dating a subordinate is frowned upon as well and can easily lead to a discrimation suit by the disaffected once that relationship breaks up?

So its pretty thin ice in a commercial environment as well. Better not to date where you work?