A/C breakdown?

Not sure if this was the correct forum or not but… my a/c unit has now taken to giving an extended beeping noise ( continuous tone ) - wondered if anyone could shed some light on this with past experience ?

Only way to stop the thing is to unplug it… wondered if this was some sort of ‘signal’ that it was out of freon or whatever.

The make is Gibson - checked the web but couldn’t find any website with a reference manual ( plenty of ‘spares and repairs’ references though which doesn’t bode well ! )

The continuous beep is annoying although does stop from time to time… maybe linked to the keypad on the front ( beeps when you press a button ) ?

need to wash off the screen maybe?

Originally there was no filter in it ( and it seemed to run fine )… then we installed one of those cloth / fiber filter things which got seriously clogged with dust and round about then this damn beeping thing started - getting rid of the cloth / fiber filter thing did the trick but it’s back as bad as ever ( maybe more in-depth cleaning needed ! ) Cheers.

Get it reconditioned. That should help.

Why don’t you ask the owner of the shop where you bought it to call a technician to fix it? Even if it is no longer under warranty, labor is usually pretty cheap in Taiwan.

You said that the filter got seriously clogged up. That would cause the air conditioner evaporator coils and fins to ice up, which would cause the compressor to break, unless you turned it off right away as soon as it got iced up and let all the ice melt.

Given that it is October 6, I don’t think this problem will be pressing for another 7 months or so.
Have a A/C tech come to your house and look at it.
My experience with this is that the sound is that of the literally dozens of solenoids that get trapped in between the coils and the front screen. The buzzing or sometimes a high-pitched whirl (like muffled bagpipes) is their way of keeping warm. If you can stop the icing up problem, the solenoids should quiet down and get back to frangilating the dramometer like they should.

Excellent post wolf, but for those who don’t know what a solenoid is, its is an electrodynamic spiral having the conjuctive wire turned back along its axis, so as to neutralize that component of the effect of the current which is due to the length of the spiral, and reduce the whole effect to that of a series of equal and parallel circular currents. When traversed by a current the solenoid exhibits polarity and attraction or repulsion, like a magnet.

…and solenoids tend to bite, so wear gloves when handling them.

In the unlikely event there is a leak of refrigerant, it is best to get it seen to now. If you leave it til next summer the rubber joints in the piping may have perished.

If it was run without a filter the fins on the evaporater may be clogged. This will cause the heat exchange process to fail and the change of state between gas and liquid will not happen. In this event, the compressor will shut down and what you are hearing may be a warning that some fail-safe function has been activated. If there is currently no gas in the system, the compressor should not activate at all (a safety device) so if it comes on and then goes off permanently shortly afterwards it could well just need a good clean. I got a man out to one of my a/cs and there was nothing wrong with it (it’s just not big enough). It was a Sampo engineer (for a Sampo a/c) and his call-out fee was only NT$300. He tested the pressure and airflow.

I think that I have the same a/c problem. For the past couple weeks when I turn the a/c on at night it sounds like there is a typhoon in my bedroom.

If one was to try to clean a machine (mine incidentally is a Gibson as well) how would one go about it? The machine is one of those 2 piece deals with the main machine outside on my porch and the blower in my room. Is it easy to do by yourself or is this something you want a ‘professional’ to come in and do?

Forumosa is amazing! I have been wondering about this for a bit and alas here we are. You guys rock!


Get an aircon man to take a look at it. There should be a few in your neighborhood.

I wouldn’t attempt it yourself.

Agreed. And don’t buy air conditioners from Gibson again. I thought Gibson made guitars. Maybe the beeping is your A/C’s musical side expressing itself.

Yeah, last night I got a little adventurous and opened the top of the a/c to take a peak. What a mess!! I’m definetely NOT going to attempt the cleaning by myself.


We finally got the landlord to get a tech to come look at the a/c - upshot of that is we’re looking at getting a new unit installed ( guessing it costs more to repair than get a new one ! )

Thanks for all the suggestions on what might be wrong and how to get it fixed.