A cab driver pinched my breast today!

Isn’t that wild??? I still can’t get it out of my head. Was in a cab with my daughter. He was talking to me during the cab ride and with my limited Chinese, I was able to answer that yes, this is my daughter, I have three children, soon to be four. At my stop, I opened my stroller, plopped my daughter in, then reached in to the other side of the cab to grab our backpacks. He reaches behind the seat and pinches the nipple on my right breast, all the while smiling and saying something in Chinese that I didn’t understand. It happened so fast and I was in a hurry, so I just shut the door and walked away. I told my pal Sharky, thinking she’d get a kick out of it, and she reminded me that I’m a foreigner here, therefore I have no rights.

I’m sure this has to be a rare occurence here. Right???

There was a point in time when I (“working” in a pub) always advised (late at night) a bloke go out and accompany any female when hailing a cabbage and take down the number just in case. I think things have improved since then (ten-ish years ago)

Damn, I htink you should have been on the phone to the Foreign Affairs police straight away.

Many women here never take cabs at night.


This was 4:30 in the afternoon. And I’m five months preggo. What a sicko huh?

I’ve heard of stuff like this happen to foreign female friends of mine, but usually along the lines of, “Wanna fu–?” (complete with sign language). The way to prevent this kind of crap was to make it clear from the start that they had a husband or boyfriend – but I see now this doesn’t work anymore, even if you are very married and very pregnant.

He must be one of these guys that are into pregnant women. Did you get his plate number? You sound like you are still in shock about this, but carefully think back – was he trying to help you with your things or your daughter and perhaps accidentally touched you? If not, call the foreign police NOW! Foreigners don’t have rights? – horseshit.

Ladies – Don’t get in a cab unless someone else takes down the plate number. If that’s impossible, type it in your cellphone. More than half of the time you are climbing into a car with a driver who has done some prison time.

shoulda got his lic. number and called police, yes! Terrible man!

very bad to hear about this, but unfortunately in today’s world not surprising. people cannot be trusted nowadays and you need to guard yourself against other people regardless of race, sex or time of day anywhere in the world.

one of the tricks my friends and I use whenver we get in a taxi is that we would recite the taxi driver’s number outloud as casual conversation once we get in the car. it’s obvious that the taxi driver can hear us but we don’t care if we offend the guy plus we want him to know. it allows us to protect ourselves, plus it’ll help us to actually remember the number if something actually does happen.

gawd knows there are enough stories floating around that female passangers should avoid taking a taxi alone late at night. but if ya must, I highly recommend calling someone on your cell phone and chat for the entire ride

Gosh, now I feel like I’ve let down my sisters. Sorry I didn’t think to get the guy’s license number or id number… or I did, but it was a few minutes later when he was long gone and I was trying to process it all. I think I’m going to stick to the bus and mrt as much as I can now, or seriously consider driving. Thanks for letting me get it out of my system.

You’ve no need to be sorry for anything. You did the right thing by posting the report here.

What you should have done always seems clear in hind-sight, after you’ve had a while to think about it. But at the heat of the moment, we are all to scared and shocked to think straight, it’s only natural to want to get away from the situation as quick as possible. It’s only later, when are safely away, that we think “how did I let him get away with that?”
We all have the same regrets after an experience like that.

Anyone have thoughts about calling for a taxi ? Most of the time it’s quicker to wait for one on the street.

Yes, braxtonhicks, thanks for posting it here.

I’m afraid I tend to be a little too careless, never having experienced anything in that regard myself. So maybe reading your post helps me remember to tell somebody the licence number next time I take a cab late in the evening (if it wasn’t one friends of mine ordered by phone anyway).

I guess in the shock of the moment, most people wouldn’t think of writing down the licence number, so don’t worry about that. However, I feel that there is no point in getting over-worried about taking cabs. If the number of taxis I’ve taken up to now is representative, most of the drivers seem to be fairly decent (even though the lady driver this morning on my way to work drove me mad with her stupidity, and it takes quite a lot to drive me mad :imp: ).

This doesn’t mean I denigrate the shock you must have had from the experience!!!


I have some friends that always call for a cab at night, as they’re much safer that way.

I usually go with Taiwan Taxi, a rather new company. They have GPS tracking and all that. More importantly, in all the time I’ve used them, they’ve been very polite, and even drive politely! :shock:

They also have an English operator, and other info in English.

I always worry when I put a girl into a taxi by herself – and I make a clear show of looking at the driver and writing down the number to warn him against acting on any ill intentions he may be harboring. I think it’s also a good idea to call her on her cellphone during the journey, if possible. I’m particularly afraid that, having seen her with a foreigner before she got into his car, the cabby might jump to the conclusion that she’s “loose” or “easy” or whatever, and have even less compunction about insulting and/or assaulting her than might otherwise be the case.

My Taiwanese gal thinks I worry too much and that it’s really not so dangerous for her to take taxis alone. Though I agree that most of the drivers are okay (driving skills and obedience of traffic laws aside), it’s certainly true that there are many taxi drivers on this island who absolutely ought not to be allowed to ply such a trade. It only needs a single journey with one of the truly dangerous ones, and you could join the long list of victims who have met the same tragic fate as Peng Wan-ru.

A truely considerate man is our Omni - if I could give you Karma points I would

I always worry when I put a girl into a taxi with Omniloquacious - and I make a clear show of looking at Omni sternly to warn him against acting on any ill intentions he may be harboring. :laughing:

Goodness gracious, but don’t you know I’m the perfect gentleman? I wouldn’t put so much as a look astray without the clearest invitation to do so!

Hope it’s not too insensitive to add a poor quip but I certainly hope, if only because of the fact that the unfortunate woman is pregnant, that she got it back!

It took me a full minute to get that, and yes, the set’s complete.

damn that’s bloody kcufed up…if i’d a seen something like that happen…well…i might have been quickly deported after the ass-kicking i would’ve laid out.

well, even if you didn’t get his license plate, just you mentioning it is going to make a lot more people more cautious about getting into cabs. just last weekend i put my really drunk friend into a taxi cab very late at night, not even thinking much of it. some friend i am. next time i’ll be much more cautious.

thanks for sharing, on behalf of myself and my friends

Another good way to show the cab driver that you are paying attention to him is to call him by name. I often do this when riding alone in a cab.
“Wang xiansheng, please turn left here.”
Even if you cannot read Chinese, you could try to learn the 10 most common surnames or ask them how to pronounce their names.
I like asking people how to pronounce their names and what the characters mean. Serves two purposes: 1. the cab driver knows that you know who he is and could name him; 2. helps with Chinese practice.

I second talking on cellphone when in a cab alone. Sometimes if I have no one to call - I will just dial the phone service to hear my balance! At least it shows the cabbie I have a phone!

Finally, sorry to hear about the pinch - that is totally out of line. I was once kissed (on the cheek) by a cab driver in Beijing… not a pleasant experience. I was also too shocked to do anything.