A charity in Taipei that accepts goods

I have in good and working condition some electronics, dishes, glasses, used clothes, luggage, storage containers, tools and other stuff that after moving, I do not need.

I am trying to find a charity in Taipei that accepts items for donations. I would rather give them away than throw them away, as they are still good and usable.

Any suggestions?

I recently gave some electronic appliances to Tzu Jee organization and some wooden furniture to Taipei City environmental organization. I don’t know if they take any other things, but you just need to call, tell them where you live and what are the goods you want to donate and they will tell you if yes or no and organize the pick up. Don’t know if they understand English.

  • Tsu Jee Kung Teh Fa (慈濟功德會) tzuchi.org.tw/index.php?opti … 18&lang=zh
  • 北市環保局清潔隊 @ 1999 (Taipei City environmental organization) : apparently they “employ” handicapped people as carpenters, refurbish the furniture if needed then either sell/donate them