A cheap way to call Ireland and/or Australia

Anyone have any ideas? I used to buy a card from the NTU gym that was called 3com. It was great and cheap (2.8ish NT/min to Australia), (1.5ish NT/min to Ireland). However, they’re not selling it anymore as apparently there was no demand!

Skype is not an option - I’m calling people who have only just mastered email. They’re worried about skype causing ‘bugs’ to get into their computer.

if you have Skype on your pc, you can call a land line or mobile so your technophobe friends need not worry :smiley:
Look at “SkypeOut” on Skype.
I’ve been using it to call home most days.

Yes, Skype Out is great for calling land lines. I use it to call back to the states and only pay about $0.02 a minute and the quality is great. You have to buy the time up front but it’s well worth it…

I don’t have a credit card, so I can’t use skype out. Thanks for the tip though.

Any other cheap calling ideas?

u can use atm fund transfer to buy skypeout credit in taiwan too

I bought a “Sun-Tone” International Phone Card from a photocopying store near the KFC at NTU’s main entrance. I’ve been using it to call Australia and haven’t had any troubles with it so far.

For the NT$300 card, it’s $2.5NT/min to Australia. Rate gets better if you purchase a higher valued card.

I call my parents in NZ, by prepaying them and then having them call me. It’s NZ8 for 3 hours (TWD190 or so) of talking to Taiwan, so if you call the same people regularly and are talking for a while, why not look into having them call you and then you give them the money for the call?

Gosh, I don’t know anyone who lives in Ireland or Australia, so this discussion is not helpful to me.

PS: Skype out. They accept many payment options. Its really the best answer.

PPS: Do I have as many posts as Tigerman yet?