A Christmas Eve concert for the whole family

Ok, I’m a little bit biased here, but I’d like to suggest this concert
as a festive start to everyone’s Christmas Eve. If this doesn’t put you in the Christmas mood, nothing will. :candycane:


The conductor is my father, [wikipedia]Howard Dyck[/wikipedia].

Will young children have any problem attending this event. In the past I’ve seen that there were age/height restrictions for kids attending performances at the National Concert Hall. Sounds like a great holiday event. We would love to take our daughters along.

Nope, this is absolutely a family-friendly event. The TSO explicitly said so. I’m bringing my daughters (ages 3 and 6) along of course - how many opportunities are they going to have to see their Opa conducting at the National Concert Hall? :slight_smile:

Huge thanks to Anje of WeViewTaiwan for this video tutorial on how to buy tickets for the Christmas Eve Show! :notworthy: :bravo:

Here is a step by step ‘tutorial’ on how you buy tickets at 7/11 for the TSO Christmas Eve Concert (臺北市立交響樂團).
IMPORTANT: Step 7 is only applicable if the system takes you to November instead of December! Alternatively read or copy the written direction below this video:

NOTE: Show the 7/11 clerk your ticket and this image, if you want to confirm you have the correct booking:

Step by step written instructions on how to buy this ticket:
[li]Choose the ticket icon which is third from the top with a green background.[/li]
[li]Next page choose the top left option.[/li]
[li]Next two has options; choose the one on the right.[/li]
[li]Choose the top, second from the left option.[/li]
[li]Term and agreement page, choose the bottom right to agree.[/li]
[li]Next page has two options, choose the one on the left for date selection.[/li]
[li](If still November) Press middle bottom red button to choose next month’s dates.[/li]
[li]Choose 12/24[/li]
[li]Choose bottom left, TSO[/li]
[li]Again, choose 12/24, 19:30[/li]
[li]Seat selection page, the top single digit next to a color square is the floor number, the bottom blue number is the amount of seats that are still available in that ticket class. Press on the ticket you want.[/li]
[li]Select how many tickets you would like by pressing the plus+ icon on the top line, after selection, press the bottom right to confirm.[/li]
[li]Check ticket details and press bottom right again to reconfirm.[/li]
[li]Your booking has been made and your booking will be printed out from this machine.[/li]
[li]Take your booking confirmation to the 7/11 clerk and pay it within 10 or it will automatically be canceled.[/li]
[li]You cannot use a credit card to pay.[/li]
[li]After payment the ticket will be processed and printed out, this may take a few minutes.[/li][/ol]

The concert sounds good but I think I’ll buy my tickets on the door, the booking process looks a bit painful.