A Cobra Hijacked My Camera Bag! - Snakes And Stories From Taiwan

Ladles and gemstones,

after two years of hard work (and some dawdling), my book of stories about my herpetological exploits in Taiwan has finally hit the shelves:

“A Cobra Hijacked My Camera Bag! - Snakes And Stories From Taiwan”

is now available online. US readers, please order here. For non-US readers, the book is now also available through BookDepository where anyone in a wide range of
countries can order the book for just a little more than the US price and get free shipping -see here.

Further purchase options:
Barnes & Noble
Amazon UK

Here’s the table of contents:

[color=#0040FF]Prologue – Why did it have to be snakes…and why in Taiwan?
Herping in Taiwan – An Overview
Cobras – Rice Ladle With Attitude
Ratsnakes - The Fast and the Furious
Vipers – Clint Eastwoods of Snakedom
Krait – Satans Rubber Toy
Rear-Fanged – Daggers in the Back
Miscellaneous - The Weird and the Wonderful
Pangolin – The Beast That Time Forgot[/color]

And here’s the back cover blurb:

[color=#0040FF]The herp is on! Hans Breuer searches for a new pet ratsnake in Taipei restaurants, loses a coral snake in his living room, confronts a cobra in complete darkness, and assumes unorthodox yogic postures to photograph kraits, habus, and bamboo snakes. Between the tree ferns of Taiwan’s lush, rugged mountains, this brilliant amateur naturalist draws us along to experience a fantastic variety of snakes, along with turtles, civets, pangolins, and other representatives of the island’s immense biodiversity.

During his constant search for reptiles and amphibians, Hans introduces the best of Taiwan with quirky humor, while educating the reader in remarkable detail. The author’s twenty-two years in Taiwan, and fluency in Mandarin Chinese, have given him a broad experience with all facets of Taiwan life, complementing his herpetological observations. We learn about food and drinking customs, dealing with curious police officers, and the aboriginal relationship to Taiwan’s rich animal life.

With this book in hand, you don’t need a plane ticket to enjoy the thrill of herping Taiwan, but after reading Hans’ adventures, you might just book your next vacation there![/color]

I would like to thank VERY MUCH all those of you who have made this possible. I’m extremely excited!

For those of you who will actually buy a copy: I hope you’ll have as much fun reading it as I had writing it.

For those of you won’t: please tell all those of your herping buddies who might - any publicity is good publicity :slight_smile:

And lastly: if you have connections to any venue or body that might be able to promote and maybe even sell the book (online forums, websites, herp shows, pet shops etc…), please let me know!




I want to buy a copy directly from you AND I want you to personalize it with an inscription that I can treasure forever! :bow:

I want to buy a copy directly from you AND I want you to personalize it with an inscription that I can treasure forever! :bow:[/quote]

Thanks very much! :slight_smile: Alas, as it’s a print-on-demand book and only available on the Internet, I can’t just go to a local bookstore here in Kuching and send you one…However, I’m currently discussing with my publisher the possibility of creating signed inserts I can send around to readers. I’ll keep you posted!

Cheers, and thanks again!


Hello Hans,
I’d like to get your opinion on dealing with snakes on a farm in Hsinchu County. We are considering getting a dog as a snake deterrent. We don’t have chickens. We’ve seen snakes maybe 5 times in 1 year. Any suggestions would be appreciated. TIA

I sent you a PM with instructions on contacting Hans. His creds no longer work since the migration from the totally awesome phpBB system to this inferior and very difficult to use Discourse system.